Hello everyone,

I have already left an introduction in the "New puppy owners" page but have decided to start a thread for updates and pictures as the time progresses.

We are still about 2 weeks from bringing the new pup home(currently he is only 6 weeks old) . Here is a picture of him at 5 weeks old. Note: he is a GP with a smidge of Kangal hence his colour.

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My husband has pretty much finalized his name. We are calling him Judge as we wanted something strong sounding with out sounding aggressive or intimidating.

For the last 2 weeks I have been phoning groomers for pricing & procedures. I am going to be doing most of the grooming and upkeep myself but still want to get him acclimated and used to going to the groomer so that I can take him during those blow out days. I believe I found one that is willing to work with the breed as well as using only positive reinforcement (treats)as he is a puppy to build a good association. Also I made sure they will not ever shave his coat even for mats without contacting me first.

I have also been researching good Large breeed puppy kibble with the correct range calciumhosphorus levels. I have decided on ACANA large breed puppy(new formulation not the old). We are going to schedualed feed him as I have a young son and want to control any situations between food, dog and kid.

We will be crate training as a young pup for potty training purposes and hope for it to be a safe place as the dog grows ideally. I also have a dog bed in a quiet corner in the living room for his own space as we are doing the "no furniture" rule (for th sake of my couches lol).

I have a large backyard that is fenced as well as has a shaded under the deck area where the dog house will be located. also have 2 large apple trees that give plenty of shade cover.

Well I can't think of anything else at the moment but I'm looking forward to updating all of you once our pup arrives home.