My aunt runs a rescue in town and came across 3 puppies that had been dumped at a mobile home park. She showed us the pictures of them and one caught our eye, we talked about maybe fostering until she could find a home for him, but when she brought him over for the meet and greet, it was all over, he's ours now. There were 3 of them, 1 boy and 2 girls. She believes they have a little shepherd mix in them. We've had him for a few weeks now, went for his first vet visit on Monday and weighs in at 52 lbs. He is the sweetest boy. Our 12 year old black lab is slowly accepting the idea that she's not queen of the house any more, and the 12 year old cat wishes he would go back from where he came, but she'll come around. Our first pyr so we've been in full education mode.

The first pic is with his sisters and initial foster family that took them for the 1st four months, second pic was his 'glamour shots' photo my aunt took that suckered us in, third shot was his first walk and last pic with his new buddy Marty the Moose.

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