I know, silly title as everyone should know pyrs bark, and apparently like the sound of their bark, thus more bark.
My question: does my 6 month old Kali, barking at the wind, birds, airplanes, trucks on the other block, moths, get used to these common background noises and bark less as she gets older? I would guess (and hope) so. I know she is not putting out an angry or viscious bark, really its just a big, deep, bark, fairly neutral in emotion, but loud.

This barking in her yard just started about 1 week ago, and she has also become more vocal in the house too. The communication barks are appropriate, just loud. I can live with the inside barks, they are meant to convey a message.
I am more concerned about the outside barking. Trying to be a considerate neighbor, and some amount of barking is expected, but I swear she just likes the resonance of her barks in the yard!

She is teething like crazy now, so maybe she is annoyed easily due to the dental discomfort. I hear a light wimper occasionally, giving her a frozen towel to gum on. She seems to like it. Noticed slight bleeding in some gum areas, missing some teeth. See some big ones come in too!

I guess if I had size 16 teeth growing into a size 10 mouth, I'd be barking too.