Hey all,
Just wanted to drop a note since i'm new to the forums and new to Pyr's. We just purchased a Pyr puppy from a gentleman that owns a farm with livestock and uses the pups mom and dad as working dogs. We are getting this dog with the intent of training him as a service dog for my 18 year old son who has Autism spectrum disorder. This will be his pup and when he has started college and eventually moves out of the house will go with him. I will certainly be visiting these boards frequently looking for advice, although just reading through the information section has been a great deal of help already. We have owned several different breeds of dogs from labs/golden retrievers to greyhounds. Everything I have read on the Pyr has clued me in to the fact these are an altogether different type of dog. Any early advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance,
Aaron, Tina and Jerrod