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    Good for Aspen, she gave a correction, hope that Russ listened!
    You can always separate them in different rooms until they get comfortable with each other...try not to stress either one of them out

    Hopefully they will learn how to play together...our Aussie has always been the more assertive one. My guess is that Aspen is not too sure of this new "friend" bringing together new dogs into the house, I try to keep stress levels down for all of them, and watch them, as you did Russ, and not let the situation escalate...seems like it took approximately 3 weeks to a month for them to figure out that they were now housemates!

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    the first photo is of Angel when she first arrived...note she is biting Holly's tail to try to get her to play!
    second photo is from last year...Angel & you can tell, Angel can hold her own with the big guy!

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    Such great news! Congratulations!

    My non-Pyr, Chester, was essentially a street dog when he came to live with us. He would growl at Sebastian if Sebastian got too close to him while he was eating. I separated them during meal times until I could get Chester a crate. Now, Chester gets all meals and longer-lasting high value treats (doggie ice cream, greenies, new bones) in his crate.

    Chester also has a lot more energy than Sebastian, and can sometimes play too rough for Sebastian's liking. He is really biddable and responsive to praise, so I was able to teach him that the word "easy" is a cue that he needs to ease up on his brother. I say it calmly and slowly, and praise him when he stops what he is doing to look at me.

    The only other piece of advice I can give is to get each of them used to the idea of separate walks. It is something I really really regret not doing. If I try to take Chester somewhere without Sebastian, Sebastian will have a bout of FOMO, where he will bark at me so as to say, "Hey, lady, aren't you forgetting someone?" If I try to take Sebastian somewhere without taking Chester, Chester will have a full-on meltdown, and will literally scream and try to escape his crate the entire time we are gone. I am now to the point where I can have one out in the yard without the other, but it has been a long process that I wish I had avoided.
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    Thanks for all the responses! I've been slow to respond - lot's of work with two dogs in the home now

    Everything seems to be going well other than the occasional growl over the top tier toys (which are usually kept up and only given out with supervision). It's definitely been an adjustment for Aspen. She seems to appreciate a little one on one time every now and then. I've noticed that after she gets a solo walk or a walk around one of her favorite parks, she's a lot more eager to play with her new brother (renamed Cairo - since we came across adoption papers from his first shelter indicating this was hi name from his original family).

    These pups are so funny. They certainly have very different personalities.

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