So Nanook really likes meeting new people-- and I mean REALLY likes it. So much so that she tries to jump on them to get at eye level and lick their face. Obviously, having a strange large dog try to pounce on you out of nowhere is pretty scary even if she's being friendly. She's around 55 lbs right now, and I really want this behavior corrected before she gets bigger.

In all other situations, she listens when I tell her "no". But when I comes to meeting people, she either ignores me or listens and just waits a couple of seconds to pounce again. Also, She only does this with people she doesn't know or sees on occasion.

Her second problem is that she gets very sassy when people ignore her and starts barking at them for attention. It isn't an agressive bark at all, but since her bark is so deep, people often interpret it as aggression. Similar to the jumping, I will tell her "no" but she will only listen momentarily then try it again after a minute. She stops immediately if she gets pets, but I obviously don't want to reward this behavior.

I really like that Nanook is so social, but I wish she would stop trying to assault people with her love. Any suggestions for training this behavior out of her would be helpful!