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Hello, I have a skiddish pyr who is about 1 and a half years old. She is very weary of certain things, sometimes even treats in our hands. She hates baths and grooming of any kind but we have to do it. If she even hears bath water she runs upstairs and has to be carried down. She will not come when told to most times she will just keep backing up and go elsewhere than where I said. I'm not sure if this is normal Pyr behavior. She does bark and growl when people come into our yard like a normal pyr. She is very sweet and VERY VERY babied. I'm not sure if that has a lot to do with it? Sometimes she won't let me pet her and she'll just keep backing up the more I try and eventually she barks at me and wants to play or she will run upstairs. She does not get punished unless she tears something up (very rare) and even in that instance she just gets told she was being a bad girl and will make me stop saying it by putting her paw on me. I would like her to stop being so scared of everything (certain noises and grooming) but i'm not sure how. any help?