Hi! I am a first time Pyr owner. My Biscuit, a Great Pyr mix ran out the open gate on Saturday, March 11 about 6am with his sister pit mix. She finally came back on Sunday, March 12 at 5 pm. I am so worried about Biscuit. My south back yard is attached to about 40 acres of field and forest that use to have horses or cows in it. Across a lightly traveled 2 lane highway there is thousands of acres with very few houses or roads. I walked for two hours on it Sunday trying to find my big guy. I found some paw prints and what I believe was his fur on some barb wire at a place that would have been a pretty logical entrance point. There is a heavily traveled 2 lane highway about 1/10th of a mile west from my house. How far will he go?

Would he stay in a fenced in pasture?

He has always stayed just fine in my fenced yard. he has never tried to dig out or climb over. I have driven 5 miles in every direction and realized that if he stays off the roads, I will never find him. I picked him up off the highway about a year ago and he weighed only 55lbs. it took me three days before I got hold of him and I probably wouldn't have except he had laid down right on the edge of the highway. I thought he was dead! He is doing so well. He weighs about 95lbs now. He and my other dogs went running once before but they all came back on the same day.

After I found him, I could not even begin to guess what his genetic make up was so I used a doggy DNA site and the results were 50% purebred GP and 50% too mixed to know.

Any and all advice is appreciated!!