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    Default Play toys and chews

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to get some good ideas on toys and dog chews for my pyr puppy. She's almost 4 months old and chews everything- we're looking for any suggestions on good, strong toys or bones for her. I just want to make sure I get her a strong bone to chew on, I've read some may be hazardous to dogs and I'm open to any ideas. Thanks!

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    I've had great luck with 'Nylabone DuraChews for powerful chewers' - they come in different sizes and several flavors.

    Also, my Pyr loves split Elk Antlers - which come in different sizes as well. They are more expensive than the Nylabones but are natural and last longer in my opinion. You can purchase the Antlers at a pet store, but, I prefer to purchase from independent suppliers - I find they cost less. If you 'google' 'Antlers for dogs' you'll see a few. I have used 'Michigan Antler' before I was very pleased. You can text or email him regarding your specific dog, size and what kind of chewer - he'll suggest which are good for your dog.

    Bully sticks are another option - I prefer the non-odor.

    I think there is a thread on here regarding 'favorite toys' as well.

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    My 6 month old boy prefers the real bones marketed for pets. He likes the knuckle bone types. The long femur with the hollow middle is not as well received; he loses interest in those quickly. But I would caution that some of these real bones can break into little pieces, so ideally you want to speak to someone with the proper knowledge before buying them.

    There are also rawhide looking chews that aren't made of rawhide. I haven't tried those yet.

    Ren unfortunately shows very little interest in Nylabones or antlers, so we don't have anything that is long lasting. The real bones last for a couple of weeks and he loses interest.

    He loves to play with plastic bottles. We give him all different shapes and sizes and there are certain ones he likes more than others.

    Your puppy is probably starting to lose her baby teeth. If she likes rope toys, you can wet it and then freeze it to help with sore gums.

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