I was walking Casey on the farm this morning and came to this pasture which is about 2 acres and completely empty. I've let him run in there several times, and there's nothing cuter than watching him run at top speed with a big smile on his face. This morning, though, the gate was open and I couldn't close it completely but thought, "I can block him if he tries to run out." BIG MISTAKE!!! He ran about ten feet into the pasture, then turned around and ran at top speed right by me. The farm is 67 acres but has no fences around the back side, so I started running at top speed (I'm NOT a runner and am too old to be doing this) and saw him running into the neighborhood behind us. We are very close to a highway and I was so worried; Casey knows NOTHING about cars except riding in the back seat of mine. So I then ran back to my place and had an asthma attack from the running and my anxiety. Got over that and got into my car, texted the farm hands, then drove slowly through the neighborhood - no Casey. They then texted me and said Casey was back on the property.

As I was driving back I saw them running after my big white dog, then when I got to the property Casey and the farm hands were sitting in the 4-wheeler. They said he was running from them but later returned to the barn where his parents are, then sat down and let them put a leash on him. Oh My God! I wanted to hug him, give him a steak, and yell at him all at the same time. I hugged him, brought him back to the house and gave him a MilkBone with peanut butter on it (his favorite). I may have just reinforced the behavior, but I was so relieved to have him back in one piece that I did it anyway. Right now he's peacefully sleeping in his crate after his big adventure, and I'm starting to breathe normally again. And it's just now 9:30!! But I realize that I am very blessed - it could have been FAR worse!! And I'm buying the farm hands a BIG BBQ lunch today, then get to go to work for a couple of hours. Am VERY grateful right now.