I have to laugh at these posts. I have a 17 year old granddaughter(don't tell her I posted this) and a 9 month old Pyr and I can't help but see similarities. Both of them know all the rules and both of them make decisions on whether they choose to obey. There is always a delay in coming( gma, give me a minute, I'm busy right now) and both are not above doing what they want if I'm not watching. Luckily with my granddaughter, I don't have to worry about housebreaking but Ike does not drive my car or date boys. She is gradually maturing into a responsible young woman and I am hoping that will happen with Ike before too long. Behaviors like mouthing and pawing are gradually reducing( he responds to "stop it" or "Enough" and being placed in a sit and wait or at the worse timeout), he walks reasonably well, we can walk in the park that allows dogs off leash and unless he is busy playing with a group of dogs, he comes with me if I whistle and continue walking. I would never trust him off leash unless I was supervising( and have had to hike through wet grass and mud to retrieve him on occasion but we are working on those behaviors.