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    Default Exercise outdoor play pens?

    Hi! I have a 1 year old Great Pyr named Kal Unfortunately I live in a home that does not have a fenced in yard. I've been looking into wire play pen fences for our back yard but would like to know if anyone has any recommendations! I'm getting pretty lost on the internet.. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hi and welcome to the board!

    I have an exercise pen for Missy and it works great for her, but she is older and less active then a year old Pyr. In her younger days that pen wouldn't have been useful at all because, she was a big bound of energy and it didn't give her enough room to work it out in.

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    I think exercise pens are too easy to be knocked over by young pyr. I had one for a small dog and even my pug could knock it over. I have a 36" metal play pen. I would recommend maybe a dog park or a fenced in people park.

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