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    Exclamation Behavior Issues Since Turning 1 - Help!

    Hi Everyone. I'm new here and I need some advice with my 1 year old female Great Pyrenees. This is my first Great Pyrenees (I have a Bernese Mountain Dog as well and in the past have had Labs) and she never had any behavior issues until she turned 1.

    We just recently moved from Texas to California (which the move was a bit hard on her) my boyfriend and her moved out 2 weeks before and me and our other dog followed later. When we picked her up her mood changed a bit. She was a bit standoffish when she first saw me and was growling at our other dog when she first saw him. Once I got them in the same room alone though things went back to normal and she hasn't had any issues with him since.

    However, now when we take her out for walks and she sees other people or other dogs she barks, pulls, cries and freaks out. Not in an aggressive way more in a way to get people attention because if they come up to her she's all shy (which she always had been a bit shy with people). Also, now when we go to the dog park and she wants to play with another dog she barks at them and pokes them with her mussel which tends to annoy other dogs. So when they try to tell her to get away she goes at them more thinking its a game until we drag her away. To which she goes back for more minutes later. Which results in the other dogs trying to fight her to which she responds with barks but she won't bite or fight them she shys away barking at the other dog.

    She has been socialized since we got her at 8 weeks old, she's the second dog in the family. And except when we first moved she has never had issues with our other dog (Bernese Mountain Dog). She has been to the dog park on multiple occasions when we lived in Texas and never had any issues. It only began when she turned a year old and we relocated. We have been in California for four months now and the issues don't seem to be getting any better even though we have been trying to correct by removing her from the situation, trying to get her to sit and calm her down, we have tried raising our voice and nothing.

    I know they are a stubborn breed and are guard dogs, but does anyone have any training suggestions to help fix this?. We want her to be calm and bark only when appropriate (or at least not at other people).

    **I'm not sure if this can affect her behavior but she has been being stubborn about eating her food too where she's only eating maybe 1.5 cups a day (last she was weighed 4 months ago at age 1 she was 65 lbs). I have a vet appointment to get her checked up this weekend but could her eating habits cause this behavior?

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    Welcome Heather33 and companions...

    you're girl has had alot to deal with lately....growing, moving, new space, new everything!

    the other thing is...most Pyr's true pyrsonalities start to show themselves around 18 months...they become a bit more stand offish, and want to take more control. Try not to think of it as stubbornness, but rather....intelligence....remember they were bred to be out with their flocks, guard & protect & think for themselves.

    without seeing what the other dogs language is with her its' hard to say whether they are actually "fighting" or telling her she has bad manners. the other thing, she might not need the interaction of the dog park much longer, they are an independent breed, more apt to watch & observe rather than interact like a Lab & play.

    at one year she sounds like she is at an ideal weight...our Rudy is now 4 1/2 eats 1 cup of dry food twice a day & hasn't gained or lost weight for the past couple of years...he remains around 74-75 pounds.

    not sure how warm it was when you left Texas, but if it is warmer where you are now, I would say that would affect her eating more than anything.

    you say she's the second dog in the family...that might be changing....hard to say...

    but by all means...take he to the vet, ask questions, tell them all the info...write it all down so you don't forget to mention anything
    there are many Great Pyrenees breeders & clubs in CA...I would contact one of them, see if there is a good behaviorist in your area who has working knowledge of Pyrenees & can help you redirect her attention when you feel she is getting out of control.

    It really sounds like she needs some direction & to learn a few just need to have someone there to see what she is doing & how to help you & her work this out....

    let us know how things go...

    Nancy & Rudy

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