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    I am so glad you took this well. We never want to insult people or run them off, we want to see you have a wonderful and loving relationship with your puppy for years to come. We have all made mistakes and have learned from them and we try to be supportive of each other in the ways we can. If you read through you will see many of us did things that were frowned on, but then once it was explained and advise given it turned things around for us.

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    Darcie, I really hope that you find the book to be as informative and life-changing as I have!

    When Sebastian first started to become dog-aggressive, I scheduled an appointment at his Vet clinic. The vet we saw that day recommended that we see a Behaviorist that she described as being "no-nonsense", and "like a drill sargeant". Fortunately for both of us, Sebastian and I had already been through enough "no-nonsense" trainers and Behaviorists to know that the "drill sargeant" approach would only make his behavior worse. I said as much to this particular vet, and I guess she took offense, because the next time I scheduled an appointment there, we were assigned to a new doctor. As a side note, I like this new doctor much, much, better.

    In my experience with Sebastian, the most difficult parts of training him have been 1) Figuring out which techniques work for him and which ones set him back, and 2) Learning to control my emotional response to his bad behavior so that I don't inadvertently feed into it. It has been a long journey, thus far, and has included three trainers, and four Behaviorists. Of the professionals with whom we have worked, some have been very helpful, some have been so-so, and some have done more harm than good.

    I have made my share (maybe more than my share) of mistakes in raising and training Sebastian, but I don't regret any of them. I learned from them, and now know not to repeat them.

    I hope you will keep us posted on your progress with your girl!
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    Hilda also did this when she was younger; we felt like nothing worked, but after many different methods we started to "sit" on her until she started to sleep or relaxed completely. What I mean by sitting is that we just kept her in place the way she couldn't bite anything. After some time she finally started to get it and now she only does some mouthing (she's still 8 months). Not that we could keep her in place anymore, she weights almost 100lbs I don't know whether u should use this method or not, but before u lose all your hope you should at least give it a shot.

    How old was the puppy when u got it? Sounds a bit like she didn't have time to practice biting with her siblings and mom. Hilda was 7 weeks when we got it and i regret that very much

    - eljuko

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