Hi Everyone-

New here. We adopted a 3 year old male Pyr about 8 months ago. He is our second one. Our female died about a year ago at age 13. The rescue we got him from also had a 1/2 Pyr puppy and the two had bonded so we decided to take both of the them. The puppy is about a year now.

The challenge I am having is when I take the dogs for walks. I live in Phoenix and the mornings are cool around 55-60 degrees this time of year. The puppy loves to walk and is pretty good on the leash although he initially was aggressive toward other dogs. He has calmed down considerably.

His older brother is the problem. We usually walk about a 2.5 mile loop. Anywhere from about a 1/2 mile on he will just stop. I use a harness that wraps around around his chest and I clip it on the top. I pull and and lift him from the handle on the harness but he won't budge. After 5 minutes or so he'll get back up and keep going. Sometimes he'll stop 5-6 times. Even the puppy is getting frustrated. He looks at me like "Why do we keep stopping?" I am considering leaving him at home and just taking his brother. Any suggestions?