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Thread: Newfie-GP puppy

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    Default Newfie-GP puppy

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. We rescued a Newfie- GP mix from a local shelter on Wednesday. His name is Jasper and he is 22 pounds. They couldn't give us an exact age...they said 8-11 weeks. I'm taking him to our vet on Thursday to see if Jasper's age could be narrowed down. He was found wandering in a rural area and no one claimed him so off to the shelter he went. He is very sweet and quiet, and submissive. My maltipoo is his buddy and the leader of the two! I have 20 years of experience with Newfoundlands (my last one passed away last spring), but zero GP experience. I hope you can help with questions:

    1) He is being fed Nutro Large breed puppy dry food with 2 tablespoons of Nutro puppy wet mixed in to entice. He is picky and does not eat much- unlike Newfs which chow down every meal! I want to feed him 2 cups 3 times a day but he is eating half that. He doesn't seem thin. I can feel his ribs but there is a layer above them.

    2) stairs! With My previous Newfie puppies, I carried them up and down stairs to go out for the first 4 months because they are so prone to hip dyplasia. What do you think about stairs?

    3) neutering. The shelter wanted me to sign a statement saying I would get him neutered in 30 days. I refused. I said within 18 months. Newfies are typically not neutered before a year. Is it the same with GPs?

    Any answers you have would be appreciated! Jasper is black with cream legs and a cream back end. He is great with our 3 girls and all pets so far. I couldn't leave him in the shelter.

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    Welcome Anne & Jasper...and family

    what a wonderful present you gave to this guy...his own loving warm home for the holidays.....may you have many more together

    1) feed him what he wants to eat right now, some Pyr's are very picky eaters...some, if they are very mellow may not need all the calories....since you just got him, he might just be settling into your home & routine...he may develop a heartier appetite, but a fat puppy is not necessarily a healthy puppy....sounds like he's right on track with his weight..keep him thin now, he'll be healthier later.

    2)I'm with you & stairs....I also don't let my pups jump up in the car or anything high...not only for hips but for knees as well

    3)vets are rethinking the early neuter....most of us with male pups have waited as long as possible to do the surgery. Our Rudy was 2 1/2...he started getting troublesome....grumbling about things he didn't like, especially towards my husband. Things have changed since the surgery...Rudy still grumbles...but not at hubby anymore. For what it's worth, our Nick was sent to us as a puppy neutered at 7 weeks old....he developed osteosarcoma when he was 5 1/2 yrs.....and died at 6...waiting as long as possible if it works for you & your family would be helpful for Jasper's development.

    Enjoy your boy...we look forward to hearing all about his growing up with your family!

    Nancy & Rudy

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    Congrats on new puppy! All of the giant breed growth concerns you raised apply to Pyrs and newfies alike. So you already have plenty of experience!

    As for food, pyrs are known to be picky and they often don't require as much food as other breeds of similar size. My pup is 16 weeks and nearly 40 lbs. He was 22 lbs at 11 weeks and at that age, he was eating 2.5 to 3 cups a day. Now he's eating 4-5 cups a day. Mine is a little glutton tho, so we do not let him just eat as much as he wants

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