Hello All,

I have been browsing this forum and there is a lot of great information shared. Thanks to everyone for the great base to learn from!!

We adopted a 2 year old about 2 weeks ago and she is our first Pyr, Gracie. She came from a rescue that has a great deal of experience with the breed and they are very familiar with us and the way work with dogs. Long story short, our Saint Bernard lost his life long companion to cancer in the spring and has become shy and withdrawn. A companion was what we were looking for. The rescue only had Gracie for a day or two and she needed help. Fleas, mats, urinary tract infection, underweight, the works, however, her disposition was absolutely perfect. Multiple trips to the groomers, vet, etc. cleaned up the immediate issues and she is back to full strength.

Everyone who worked with her said how easy going she was. We are strong believers in strong socialization and immersed her with lots of people (adults and kids) both inside our homes and out (we took her with us to dinner and she loved the attention all the passerbys gave her!!). With other dogs she was just as good. Our Saint and the 2 neighbors dogs (all in the same fence) quickly sorted out their positions without a fight and are now a playful pack inside or out. We have met many people and dogs on our walks and Gracie just wants to be friends with everyone. She even will walk by within a few feet of a squirel and take my lead that it is not anything that needs to be chased. A few day care visits to test how she would do and the operators said that she loved everyone and wanted her to be the dog that met the new entrants. Point being, I just wanted to set the stage that she is very easy going.

Where we could use some input is with the behavior at night. For the first two weeks she slept soundly with some minor barking but went right back to bed when reassured everything was ok. The last two nights she has been up on the kitchen counter looking out the window and whining and did not settle down for quite a long time. I have done a bit of research about the nocturnal protective nature nature of the Pyrs but have not seen any behavioral methods to work with her on it.

Right now our plans are 1) acknowledge that she has seen something, 2) give her reassurance that it is not something that she needs to be concerned about and 3) remind her that it is bed time and take her back to her bed (of course with a "Good Night Gracie" A la George Burns).

What do your think? Is this setting a bad pattern that we will get up when she makes a fuss or is it teaching here that there are some things that she need not be concerned about?

Thanks in advance for your comments.