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    In the middle of the night we came right back in immediately after he finished. During the day I stayed out with him for a while and played with him, Apollo was a very high energy pup by Pyr standards so I had to work towards draining some energy though. This would generally cause him to potty again so I got to throw additional parties over a good potty. I got to where I always had treats in my pocket to give to him. We had a few different kinds of treats, the ones for potty time were the ones he liked the most of all. Apollo likes duck more than any other meat. So we had the Blue Duck jerky type treats, I would cut them into smaller chunks so we were not way over doing the treats.

    For training, we used a few different things. Apollo was a chewer, but he liked to chew on flesh. So for teaching the Sweet Kisses command I used cream cheese. For things like sit, stay, easy, and down I used the hard cookie type treats. Canadae was and still is my go to brand.

    Even with him being sick we started potty training immediately. I had a lot of difficulties with many aspects of Apollo, except potty training. That is the only thing that was easy with him.
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ID:	8210 first day home from hospital
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ID:	8211 4 months old
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ID:	8212around a year old
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ID:	8213 about 2 months ago

    He will be 2 next month

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    We brought Sasha home at 8wks. Started house training right away. Out every half hour or so. Didn't have a crate...used paper on the floor...or bringing her in the bed with us proved helpful as well...later on we realized how much she liked the bed with us(lol).
    So...I'd say 10wks is not too young at all.

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