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    Nancy I understand how yoy feel, We,re strangers but I feel like I know everyone. I never log ln but I read every day, since I missed everyone I decided to hang out more with ya,ll. I just hate the tablet all computers are my Monster. It takes 10 tries justcto log out. Annie is great ajd says Hi! To her friends!!!

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    Am so glad you are all back. I checked several times a day and scurri cloud is whaaaaat? Was so afraid that you all would be gone forever into that bit bucket in the sky. Thank you Rise Star or whoever fixed this. Know I don't write much, but still love to read the stories and see the answers to problems.

    It's hard when a board goes down and there is no way to find out if there is any hope of it ever coming back. Been there done that on a photo forum, I belonged to for years.

    Spent my time yesterday morning surfing the links Jewel provided for the Pyr international. Like some one said so much fluffiness, so little time. The puppy bitch class was fun. The one that just wanted to play was whoot.

    Again thank you for getting these boards up and running.

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