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    Default Benaiah's Behavior Update - Cured? :)

    As an update on Benaiah's abrupt behavioral change ... after something like 8 months, it turns out to have apparently been pretty much entirely caused by poultry (in food, not the presence of our chickens ).

    The final "click" came when we realized these dental bone things that we had given him (he likes them and they are grain free, so they were treats...) were poultry flavored ... and we started giving him a lot more of them a month or two before his behavioral changes mostly started.

    It also shed some additional light, I think, on at least two of his agression type incidents (snarl/bark/snap).

    Once we stopped everything that had any poultry or poultry flavoring at all, it took maybe a week or two. It's now been about a month, and he has turned back into the dog he was 2-3 years ago (except his nose is still pink ).

    We're still going to look into anti-inflammatory help, since he just seems stiff at times. We tried a non-poultry flavored one a couple weeks ago, but that also seemed to bother him and he started acting anxious again, so ... weird.

    Anyways! A happy story on the forum, yay. Thank you to everone who suggested things, expressed concern and empathy, etc. We are very happy that he's back, so to speak.

    (and the lower parts of our hallway walls are also thankful and cleaner. )

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    I am so glad that Benaiah is feeling more like himself, and that you were able to link poultry definitively to the changes in behavior.

    Thank you for the happy update!
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