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    Quote Originally Posted by Daeuse View Post
    I'm hoping his hardier out-door stock will be less prone to allergies.
    Ah, I hate to bust your bubble , but our first pyr was from working lines and she had terrible allergies, both food and airborne. I am pretty certain we bought our vet several of those TVs that they have mounted on the clinic walls... My current female, Bijou is from show lines and she's developed mild airborne allergies this year (she's a 5 yo) but is otherwise healthy.

    Your new little guy is VERY cute!

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    Don't worry. You're not bursting my bubble. I'm fully aware that this kind of thing can happen in any dog, Purebreed, mixed breed, and Hinz-57. Lucky for Remy, he'll be on the same food as Margeaux once he's a big boy because it's easier to just feed them both the same food. Still doesn't mean I can hope he comes out a little less prone to the problems his big sis faces.
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    Check out their page at:

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    Swith to Royal Canin HP Hypoallergenic Hydrolyzed Protein or any other similar dog food for specific needs. When a protein is hydrolyzed, they break it down into its component amino acids which in turn makes it harder for the dog to have a reaction to. This article should help

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