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Thread: heartworm meds

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    Default heartworm meds

    What brand do you all use?

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    Trifexis -- heartworm and flea combo. Doesn't work to kill ticks.

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    I've always used Heartguard and it worked fine though heartworm is not a big concern in this neck of the woods. This month I switched the dogs to Trifexis. We are having a bad problem with fleas in my area and I always had a hard time getting the spot-on meds on my Schnauzer's skin because her shaved back seemed to absorb all the meds. I wanted to be sure she was protected so I changed to a pill form. I will probably go back to the Heartguard and Frontline-plus when the ground freezes and save the Trifexis for Spring as it is pricey.
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    I assume you are talking about a preventative, because if you are talking about heart worm meds as in curative, that is something entirely different.

    For a preventative, I use iverheart max.

    Iverheart and Heart guard have the same active ingredients, Ivermectin
    and Pyrantel. Some dogs have allergies to ivermectin.

    Trifexis works great, and uses different active ingredients, Milbemycin Oxime
    and Spinosad. Trifexis has the added benifit of flea control. Reducing the chance for flea ingestion, reduces the chance for tape worm occurance, because it's the fleas that carry the tape worm.

    Iverheart Max has an added benifit to control tape worms as well as round worms, hook worms, and heart worms.

    My dogs are outdoors much of the time unsupervised, and they can ingest many different things. Fleas carry the tape worm eggs, and if my dog eats a flea, or a rodent that has a flea, then it can get those awful tapeworms. The tape worm meds are pretty expensive, you usually have to apply more than one dose, so it's easiest for me to just medicate for those once a month. In addition I use the frontline in the summer when the tick infestation is bad, and I've had good luck using that for my flea preventative as well as my tick control.
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    I use Heartguard. In Texas, heartworm preventive is a must and so Heartguard is given throughout the year, there is no "off season". I try to minimize the chemicals I put in/on my dogs, so I separate the heartworm medication from the flea/tick medication. I treat them with the flea/tick preventive medication when needed, usually just through the summer months.

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