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    NHI, I will suggest (without drama) that if Gandalf's coat 'issues' are potentially 'hormone related', getting him neutered relatively 'early' at 6 months may not be the best choice. Male dogs lose their ability to produce testosterone in quantities once they are neutered. Male Pyrs carry more coat than females -- it's just a breed trait. Presumably, that is a function of male hormones (among other things). Removing his ability to produce testosterone early doesn't seem like it is the best option (to me).

    It it were me (and it's an individual choice) I'd wait to get him neutered until later (if at all).

    Oh, and get him on HW meds NOW!

    Texas has dive-bomber-sized mosquitoes and Heartworm is a MAJOR problem here. I suspect the risk is not much less in Missouri even if the mosquitos aren't quite as big. My vet had Scout and Gypsy on HW meds by the time they were 3 months old. It's past time to get him on HW meds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no human intentions View Post
    we are in missouri and the weather has been upper 70's to 80's the last 2 weeks. this week it has been rainy in the upper 60's but going back up to the 80's by this weekend. his "large" bowl i guesstimate holds about 10-12 cups of food. i've never actually measured how much it holds...maybe i should do that next time he empties it. he also gets ediable bones, treats & i keep a baggie of table scraps just for training purposes. i can feel testi's but not see them, they about the size of a corn kernal. and the hair in the center of his back is noticabley longer and corser than it used to be. he still has a little bit of "mane" and fluff around his hocks but all the hair on the rest of him is very thin compared to what it was. i also was concerned that maybe he's not eating enough. he's a drive by nibbler. when he does eat he grabs a mouthfull, carries into the living room eats it. he might do that 4 times at once thoughout the day. after he "does his business" he always imdediatly comes inside and repeats the mouthfull process
    So how did everything work out for your pup? You have just described my 4 1/2 old and my concerns to a T. Thin hair, social eater by grabbing a mouthful then and then walks around and chews it up. Did you change anything that helped with the thin coat?

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    What brand of dog food do you feed your dog with? I've read that cheaper brands of dog food will make your dog more prone to shed. I really don't know whether that's true or not. My dog is a non-shedding dog. I really like the Blue Buffalo brand dog food. She's been on it since she was a puppy. You can find more food options for shedding dogs here

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