I have a 15 week old GP puppy named Bear. My problem is I can't get him on a potty schedule. I will let him out with our Collie Rufus and he will not do anything until he gets back into the house and he will pee or poo on my carpet or hardwood floor after just being outside. I let him out after naps and half an hour after he has a drink or eats and in addition to that i let him out about once every half an hour. He does not give me any indication he wants to go out to the bathroom he will just get up and pee where ever no wining nothing. I heard that dogs never pee or poo where they sleep well this is not the case with Bear he sleeps with us in our bedroom with our Collie and he will just pop a squat where ever he is he doesn't care and again give us no indication he wanted to go. When we first brought him home at 8 weeks it seemed he was going to be easy to potty train he was going outside very well and besides the odd mistake here and there we had no problems. This just started happening. I limited his water intake after 6, I have done everything I can think of doing. Please if there is anyone out there who has had the same problem or has any suggestion please help me.