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    Default Blue Buffalo or Fromm?

    Hi all! Before I brought my first Pyr mix home, I went on this forum and did additional research to figure out what food would be best for my pup.
    Long story short, both puppies (10 & 11 months) are on Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy food and are doing fine. I even noticed the eye boogers in our full breed Pyr have gone away. However, I am concerned about the protein content. I have read that large breed puppies should have between 19-23% Protein, 15-19% Fat, and 1.2% Calcuim. BB has 28% Protein & 12% Fat.
    Fromm 4 star (Top of the line) has 24% Protein and 14% Fat and 1.2% Calcium. Fromm Gold (Middle of the line) has 23% Protein and 12% Fat.
    When I went into the feed store to purchase the 4 star the guy actually said that the Gold would not only be cheaper but it is not as rich and dogs tolerate it more. My concern with the Gold is that it has 4 different protein sources in it. If one of them gets sick, I won't know which protein it came from. Anyhow, I just want my babies to grow up healthy and at the proper rate.
    So, I ask you all 1) Keep them on puppy formula (one is about 10 months and one is about 11 months)? 2) What have you all heard about protein and fat contents? 3) What do you think of Blue Buffalo and either of the Fromm's?

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    It is NOT protein that accelerates the rate of growth for large breed pups. It it calcium that is the concern. Large breed pup food is supposed to have less calcium than regular pup food and adult food to slow down growth.

    Some dogs do not tolerate higher protein %. On the other hand, some dogs can't tolerate grains. It all depends on your individual dog. I do agree that at this stage while you are not certain whether your pups are allergic to anything that you try to feed single source or at least limited protein sources. I can't feed Taste of the Wild Prarie becuase they use multiple protein sources including chicken which Bijou does not tolerate.

    Your pups are both nearly a yr-old, so personally I think they don't need to be on pup food anymore. I've never fed Fromm kibbles. I did purchase Fromm canned once and then read (from the labeling on the can) that the chicken (this was before Bijou) came from China. I am suspicious about stuff sourced from China after that big recall a few years back. So I threw it out.

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    Something changed in the food I have fed fed for two years. Natures Recipe.
    My dog got her allergies back, and they were all pooping like you do from cheap dog food. Looked on google and others reporting the same. They changed it.

    So today I bought Natural Ultramix by Castor and Pullox.
    Mixed what was left of the old, and gave them this today. They all went to town! You can see the vegies etc in there. No wheat, no corn. 4 start rating.

    Will see.

    There is not one 5 star rated food in my small town area. This stuff cost over 50 bucks a bag too compared to 34. Wish they had taste of the wild here.

    Seems they ruin EVERY good dog food. I am so sick of it. Soon , I may have to consider real meat.

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    I work at a pet store and I feed a mixture of Blue Buffalo to my dogs. It is the only food that helps my shar-pei's ear infections, but it is too rich for Missy so I mix that makes it last longer as well. They are doing good on it and I am happy with it. Though I am tempted to buy a bag of Castor and Pollux to try it out.

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