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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasKat View Post
    Introduce the dogs in some 'neutral' territory first.... a park, a walk somewhere other than 'home'.

    It's likely aggression issues would come from the existing dogs vs a new Pyr -- mainly because it's their home being 'invaded' by 'that big white fluffy thing'.

    It will take weeks for a Pyr to come to trust a new family. My best advice -- be patient and be aware of 'conflict' signs. Do your current dogs have any food aggression/resource guarding problems now?
    Not really, they will try to steal each others bones or treats if they get chance but no real aggression issues.

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    Default Getting along

    Jada is 15 months and we have had her since she was a couple of months. We brought her into a house that already had 4 Shit-Zu dogs and cat and a ferret. It took a few weeks, but once she get adjusted she not only got along with the others but also watched over them. If any of the other dogs got in a agrument, she would push her way in between them. A year later she is their protector, especially our eldest female she particularly watches over and makes sure no one else messes with her.

    Jada seems to know that Scrappy is up in age and needs the extra help. Our Pyr has brought so much into our lives. She is very wonderful.

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