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Thread: My Pyr bit me

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    Default Really? Speak for Yourself -

    Quote Originally Posted by Stupid Dog View Post
    It doesn't pass my notice that everytime I go to this site, I see a picture of a rural farm and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. I think those were the people the board was originally trying to attract. Unfortunately, most of the people here have their dogs as pets, and live in suburbia. Please, do not adopt anymore of these dogs. They are meant to guard livestock, and not be a larger version of your cuddly lap dog. It pisses me off to see people threaten to put their dogs to sleep for normal behavior. If you don't have a farm, you have no business having these dogs.

    Dear Stupid Dog,

    GPR make excellent service animals and I have had one for medical alert since 2015 -- he was also a SIRE and Bred. I love all he can do and his intelligence but they do have to be in training mode all of the time until retirement -- but that is the case for all dogs.

    The comment that they belong only on a farm is wrong and very narrow minded. Your experience is yours alone and other people have their experience --to speak to suburbia people wanting a large lap dog is insulting to the resolution people are seeking here. These dogs can and do save lives beyond the farm now and while I have acreage and control methods including video cameras across the 2 acre kennel I have built for my 4 Prys, people out there should know what they are getting into with them just like you would with any living thing you adopt and seek out the seriousness of raising them with care. But, people will not listen to insults like you have projected here.

    Pyrs are like anything you take an interest in, in need of TLC and time. Try coming up with something that is meaningful for how someone can resolve the issue raised -- I personally think a behaviorist in this case (the orig post) is a waste of time and money. The control mechanism comes by presupposing what the breed will do and knowing the dog. The poster will be better served by looking at ways to anticipate how to redirect the behavior.... and telling her to send it off to the farm to be a LGD is not an answer.

    As the dog learns not to be reactive, that aggression will in most instances disappear. That is what she needs to know. I too have been in the middle of many GPR fights -- and have never needed to put one down or get rid of one. I pull by the tail and make sure I manage the kennels / dog doors and containment area, and when I am not around to ensure displaced aggression cannot happen. If it does, and sometimes it does, it is contained and there are steps to deal with it. One is a Bull Horn and you select the siren setting, pull the trigger and they seperate.

    My Other Pyrs go up and down the fence line sometimes when a dog shows up (stupid people who let their dogs roam) but it has never been a problem longer than for a brief moment because we have strategized how and what to do -- just like anything you have to deal with when you take on the responsibility. And, that is the key -- Responsible Strategy-- not sending them off to pasture. lol

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    This is the first time I've seen this thread; it was posted long before I joined the forum. For anyone in the Houston area, there is a veterinary behaviorist in the Sugarland area whom I understand is very good. Contact information is:

    Dr. Lore Haug
    Texas Veterinary Behavioral Services
    2627 Cordes Dr S
    Sugar Land, TX 77479
    (281) 980-3737

    Don't know if I can insert a link, but she was named as the best "dog trainer" in Houston last year in the Houston Press. Here's the link: I was up at 5:30 this morning and this thread caught my eye. The comment which stood out most for me is that Pyrs need training throughout their lives. I know; this should be obvious, but sometimes I need reminders. Dr. Haug is definitely not inexpensive, but I've heard good things about her from several people (one of them was my veterinarian), and Casey and I will be visiting her after the first of the year.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

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