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    Nice to see this nine year old thread get renewed. I've had some questions about when or if I should get Charlie neutered (he's about 9 and a half months now), so this discussion has helped in that regard. He's pretty much a house dog and when he goes out, he's in our large fenced in back yard, so there are no worries about him spreading his seed about the neighborhood. But our vet seems to be a bit pushy on the topic of neutering. Not a problem. I can push back just as hard.

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    I waited til 26 months to get my Wiley neutered... and yes, I had serious reservations about it (ok... it's a "guy thing"). But... I grew tired of all the humping... and he had developed some dog aggression that I hoped the neutering would help with. In the end, I rationalized that it is a part of being a "responsible pet owner". Wiley is also an "inside dog", but is generally well-socialized... bullet-proof with kids, and about 95% of adults. He's about 50/50 with other dogs.

    The change in behavior afterwards was quite striking to me. For the first 4-5 months after, no change. Around month 5-6, WHAM... big change. A LOT of his puppy-shyness returned... and he became more clingy... and he suddenly hated going places in the truck. Dog aggression is still an issue, so I've learned to read his body language VERY carefully.

    As many have said, neutering is not a cure-all. It may help with some issues... or it may not.

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