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Similarly, I believe that it is evasive, dishonest and
crude to refer to the UNC Confederate Monument as "Silent Sam." One
version of campus lore recounts that the name "Silent Sam" is a reference to an incredibly unfunny and immature joke
about the ***ual availability of women students.
As the story goes, Sam will fire his rifle whenever a virgin walks by.
That joke might have seemed hilarious to some Carolina men around the
time that women first invaded "their" campus but that was a long time ago..

Many of the scenes were improvised and ad libbed, leaving the
outcome very funny to many viewers. This is Spinal Tap was listed as 64 on Bravo's
100 Funniest Movies and climbed to 29 on AFI's 100 Years100 Laughs.
It was also quickly made into a cult classic and deemed,
in 2002, as culturally significant by the Library of Congress.

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