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  1. Okay, here are the pics of those cups that hold the jump bar:

  2. I got my jumps from my agility trainer, but yes, she makes them entirely out of pvc pipes. I am not familiar with "lingo" of the various pvc parts so I can't explain it properly words, but let me take a some pics of those jump cups and I will send them to you.
  3. Did you make your own agility jumps? I am thinking about building some for my mom's German Short haired Pointer - she just turned one. It looks like PVC pipes but I am not sure how you made the "cups" that the bar rests in --- is it just a join where most of the connector was sawed off?

    She needs something to help wear off some energy at the house. Going to the dog park twice a week helps wear off some energy but having something at home could help.
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