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  1. We have two almost 3 month Pyr-Karakachan puppies.
    Both Bacon and Apple had no problem getting used to the crate. In fact, they go there to chew on their toys.. Now:
    We have adjusted our work and school schedule in order for them never to be crated more than 4 hours during the day. Even though they have each other, they are still naturally reacting to when one of us leaves (pack separation anxiety, I am guessing). They bark a lot, whine and start yawning repeatedly and drinking lots of water (signs of stress- no accidents in the crate, though). I have tried music, enough chewing toys/treats and not coming to them while they are in that state in order not to condition this behaviour. Not too terribly successful. Any pointers?
    I know they have to get used to this situation, do I just let them sort it out by themselves or is there anything I can do to help?
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