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  1. Hey Terry I was just wondering where in Ontario do you live? I lived in Windsor for 4 yrs
  2. You too Kim ... Our Holiday was Monday

    I cant think of why your profile is acting up?? Chicago Red is pretty handy with the pute and he might be able to help you out

  3. Hey Terry Happy 4th I have a problem I hope you can help me with I have tried several times to change my profile pic but it just wont change it says it has and looks like it has but then when I post I have the old one still showing can you help?
  4. Hey Terry I have a quick question we had Bella microchiped at te time of her spay the vet said she had thin skin and we would be able to feel it sure enough it there is this common with Pyrs thin skin?
  5. Hi Kim..

    Murphy was pretty well all white when he was a pup but Emma had quite a bit of colouring which except for her ears, shes all white now at 2yrs.
  6. good morning I have a question about Bella's coloring will she lose it as she gets older or keep it I have seen pic's of many pyr's and some do and some dont is this basic?
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