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05-26-2007, 05:13 PM
:mad: My 2 year old great pyrenees/malamute is a very sweet, loving dog... to me. However, he has issues with anything that goes past my yard. Cars, kids, dogs, everything. Sometimes I am afraid that he might actually get out of the fence and chase something. I have tried bark collars, hand controlled shock collars, spraying him with vinegar-water, yelling, putting him in is kennel, the list goes on. Nothing seems to get through to him. I hate keeping him inside all the time, but he won't shut up.
More problems:
He still marks in the house sometimes, it took us FOREVER to house break him, he knows to pee outside now, I don't know why he pees in the house. He actually lifted his leg on the corner of the bed today.

He gets into the trash non-stop!

If you leave the room and there is something on the table he'll eat it. The other day he got onto the kitchen counter and ate a lot of dark chocolate I had tucked away(or so I thought).

He is TERRIFIED of small things. Kittens, puppies, etc. He will freak out, cry, and run you over to get away from them.

He doesn't listen to me about 50% of the time.

It is impossible to take him for walks without having your arm ripped out. He goes where HE wants to go. He weighs as much as me, so sometimes I can't stop him. I usually just get mad and take him back home.

He has always been around people and other animals, and he has always had these issues. I always took him for walks on a leash as a puppy, never had problems. He's been neutered. My german shepherd has NONE of these problems. What is the deal with my dog????

05-29-2007, 08:56 AM
There is probably nothing wrong with your dog, OTHER THAN HE HAS BAD MANNERS. He is coming into his adulthood at 2 years of age and he is taking control because no one else is. He thinks he is in charge. If he peed on your bed, HE'S TELLING YOU - HE'S THE BOSS.

He really really needs some obedience training immediately - take him to training yourself and you will both learn - this is very important. Did you know that chocolate is toxic for dogs and can KILL them!!!!

Without proper training your poor dog will soon be completely out of your control, and what a sad life he will have all locked up all the time. And the more you lock him up, the less he learns, and the less chance he has of becoming a good canine citizen.

Many people either send out of control dogs away, or have them put down, - I hope this doesn't happen to your boy.

Much luck to you!

06-08-2007, 02:23 PM
Hi, I feel for you. We've done a lot of training with our pyr. Prong collars to cheese treats. He's almost two, intact and extremely dominant. We've resorted to bark busters. This method works better than anything with pyrs. Using body language, bah sounds and chains on the floor. It's wonderful, lots of work but it works. One thing I have to ask, do you pamper your pooch when he exhibits cowarding behavior? Most people treat their dog like a kid, 'oh poor baby' don't if you do. You are praising him. You can fix your problems with him. When you achieve full alpha over him, he should stop peeing, chasing cars and being afraid. Ours chased cars, bikes, motorcycles, barked at dogs across the street, was very dog aggressive, and now we've eliminated it all. Ours is so stubborn/dominant that even trainers were stunned, honest.

The only thing I'm sure about is what is more stubborn, a pyr or a mal!