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01-18-2007, 02:19 PM
hi just wanted to tell you a little about me and my girls i live on a farm in missouri i raise karakul sheep, dexter cattle and standard and miniature donkeys i have two great pyrenees a 3 year old female and a 1 year old female these are great girls they do a great job protecting my farm i have had both my girls from the time they were 8 weeks old her is a couple of pictures of my youngest moe

01-18-2007, 04:32 PM
What a Pretty Pyr Puppy Girl! Sure would like to see more of her AND her 3 yr old "Side Kick". I have a 4 yr old Female and a 6 mo old Male. There's nothing better, in my mind, than the Pyrenees.

01-18-2007, 05:31 PM
Hi Sobreeze, I am also a new member. Welcome to the both of us.. :)

I have a 3 month old pyr puppy girl, and couldn't be more happy at selecting this breed.

Your pics are very cute.