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08-29-2006, 06:54 PM
DH was walking up to check horse water with our new Pyrenees pup (about 6mo old, we've had her about 2 weeks) and 2 corgis. Two Pit Bulls appeared from around the hay barn and went to attack one of the Corgis. KB (the Pyr) slammed into the Pit, then grabbed it's neck and shook hard, killing it almost instantly. The other Pit ran for home.

We got KB to replace our recently deceased old Heeler/Sheperd mix that was the best farm dog ever. While I'm thrilled that the dog is protective, I'm also a bit concerned. We got this dog from a free ad in the paper, she grew up in a house in the 'burbs and the lady simply wanted to cut down on her dog population. She did not breed this dog so I have no information on KB's parents. I believe the dog came from a farm, but I'm not certain. Other than mild food aggression that she's already getting better about, KB has been a sweetheart. Should I be concerned about further aggression as she gets older and really knows her boundaries? I do NOT want a people aggressive dog. It's OK if she barks and guards when someone gets out of their vehicle, but I don't want it to go any further than that unless the visitor is threatening. Also, should I be concerned that she might threaten a horse? Right now she's still a bit leary of them- I was riding yesterday and called her- she stood back and barked at me like "Are you crazy? That thing is huge!" Am I worrying too much? After the Pit Bull incident, my friend, her 2 yo daughter and little dog came to visit. She barked at the car, then realized who it was and there were no problems, other than her almost knocking down the kid, LOL, she LOVES the child! Any insight/training/socialization tips would be appreciated.

08-30-2006, 06:44 AM

all I can say is "are you sure it was a pitt-bull?? saddened as I am that the poor creature died, obviously it was out on it's own, no owners around, and it was willing to hurt your corgi - but I'm shocked a puppy, Pyr, or not could kill a pitt-bull - was it a puppy too?

Everything I know says that a Pyr will protect it's property, it's owner, and it's charges whether they be children or animals to the death and it appears that's what your KB was doing in the absence of any other leader to do the job.

She is obviously very protective, but keep the over-agressive tendencies in check because she's going to get BIG quickly and you may have a problem. SOCIALIZE her so she is familiar with children, horses, loud noises etc. so that she may gain perspective between what is a threat, and what is just every day activity.

I have a 7 month female, however as much as she is not timid, neither is she agressive, mind you we've never been under attack by a Pitt-Bull (god willing).

Anyway, glad she saved your corgi.


08-30-2006, 07:28 AM
Yup, it was definitely a Pit Bull. I think KB just got lucky by stunning the Pit and grabbing it just right- there was no fight involved, she grabbed it and it was dead. These 2 dogs have tried to attack this same Corgi before, but our old barn dog and DH with a shovel were able to avert an attack. It's not the dog's fault, I know, but I'm glad it's dead- I don't take kindly to other people's dogs coming on my property and being threatening. The strays that pass through are fine and we wish them no harm. In case you're wondering, I actually like Pits and owned one years ago- she was a sweetheart that didn't have a mean bone in her body.

Are Pyrs generally perceptive, i.e.- do they "know" when someone is up to no good? I'm hoping that she'll be able to distiguish b/w good and bad visitors.

08-30-2006, 07:55 AM
As much as all things are possible, I have never heard of a Pyr attacking a human, in fact if they even hurt you by mistake in any way they are apparently very embarassed. But I've read accounts of their ferociousness to the point of fighting off bears and coyotes if there home boundary is threatened and to save their owners.

By the way, they love kids and cats. And I do not hold any particular grudge for pits either, it's ususally the owners that are the problem.

As far as perceptive, I think they are, but they must still learn like anything else and exposure is the only way. Obviously she didn't attack your horse, but knew to protect your corgi and possibly DH as well.

I have a very large mixed breed boy - 100 lbs + (looks like a black bear), and for that reason my girl Pyr seems to bow to his lead and experience - otherwise who knows because she definately loves us immensely.

Good luck with your girl - a very interesting story!

08-31-2006, 03:19 AM
No dog to do aggression and people aggression are 2 entriely different things.

Pyr's are extremely perceptive, they would have known that the other dog had blood lust and had to deal with it appropriately. Unless you have reason to suspect it has some serious issues, you will eventually learn to trust its judgement. Generally a Pyr will only kill another dog if it deems it absolutely necessary, IE: attempts to scare it off fail and it continues to present a risk to its flock/family. It is common for them to kill other predators though fairly quickly, such as crows/magpies, foxes, raccoons and the like.

Since the dog is young, its likely that it was a combination of just grabbing it in the right place and also not knowing its full strength. People with multiple Pyr's often see them play fighting and role playing the aggressor and the submissive dog. This is usually how they learn to handle themselves and also learn the appropriate amount of force.

As it sounds like you are in the right legally, the dogs were on your property without your permission and they had hostile intent I would not be worried about it more than making sure you get him fully socialized and obedience trained. It does not sound like you have a problem that will lead to human aggression. In the dog's mind, its sole purpose is to ensure the well being of you and the rest of your flock (other pets), and when something comes in between and threatens, its instincts tell it that it needs to deal with the situation now.