View Full Version : Great pyr pup weights and health questions.

07-01-2018, 06:48 AM
I have 4 great pyr puppies who are 1 month old today. They have had a rough start and are bottle fed pups due to being abandoned by the breeded because his dame didnt priduce any milk. They have coccidia, and are on their 2nd round of meds for that. And take another dewromer at 2 weeks and 4 weeks. Im worried our pups arent weighing enough. Does anyone have any clue about weight at 4 weeks. The weights are 4lb 8 oz, 6lb 2oz, 6lb 15oz, and 7lb 6oz. Also they throw up sometimes, especially the little one. We have taken them to the vet on 5 diffrent occasions, which is very expensive. Any one ever dealt with this before?

07-01-2018, 06:53 PM
Welcome to the forum, and thank you so much for stepping up and taking care of these puppies! (By the way, we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE puppy pictures on this forum!)

I have no personal experience with puppies that age, but I do know that my Sebastianís litter was turned over to rescue when they were somewhere in the 5-7 weeks old range. The puppies were all in the general weight range of the four you have right now.

The puppies in Sebastianís litter all had Parvo when they were surrendered, and sadly, only Sebastian and one littermate survived. Sebastianís littermate had a much harder time recovering from the Parvo than Sebastian did, and was roughly half Sebastianís size when I first met them. Sebastian was on the small side, as well, when I brought him home.

Sebastian was able to catch up, and is now 32Ē at the shoulder, and weighs somewhere in the 115 lb. range. Sebastianís littermate was also able to catch up, and is now at least as tall as Sebastian, if not taller. Last I heard, he weighed 125 lb.

07-01-2018, 06:53 PM
Welcome to the forum and thank you for taking on these babies! What a lot of work! I have friends that have raised Pyr pups. Weights of 6+ lbs at four weeks is in the normal range from their experience. The runt sounds like it is on the small side but may still catch up with the others in time. Are the pups on formula? Any possibility of getting them goat milk? Some young pups just don't thrive on formula and may do better on goat milk. My first male Kangal was bottle raised due to his dam dying during her c-section. They raised the litter on goat milk because the pups were doing too much regurgitation when they were on formula. Please keep us posted how these babies do!