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sheryl lunato
04-30-2014, 07:50 PM
My almost 3 yr old go has become extremely aggressive towards every animal alive. She is spayed in good health and a lovable dog who has never nipped growled at me or my husband or any kids. She did jump the fence a month ago and attacked neighbors dog. I payed vet bill. We decided to try and find her a home with a woman who works with gp that worked well for 6 days then she decided to kill a goat and killed it then she tried a cow. She has attacked my terrier mix a couple times we keep them separate. Her 2yr old prother who is like lazy dog on funny farm decided when she was on the farm to attack terrier and almost killed him.we have had 2 trainers come out asses problem and I did what was to be done. Nothing is working I need help. I don't want to put any of them down but I am at a loss

Davey Benson
04-30-2014, 09:08 PM
3rd strike? 4th strike? Some people are strong advocates on Never Ever putting a dog to sleep, I on the other hand have no problem with that option, in a case where the liability is so high, or in the event of extreme suffering.

It sounds like you have tried to deal with this dog, but there may be something mentally unstable about her at this point. I know that I would never ever rust her to be around other animals ever, including people, and that's no way for a dog to live.

I personally have put down pitbulls that have attacked my livestock, so this opinion is coming from one of those farmers that own livestock. If that dog were to cross a fence over onto my property, you wouldn't have to worry about what to do with her.

Of course, weigh my advice against others here, it might be on the extreme side of the situation.

Sorry to hear you are going through this trouble.

04-30-2014, 10:01 PM
I am so sorry that you are having this problem. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family.

So, let's get a little background information. How tall is your fence? What type of fence is it? Is it wood, chain link, etc?

What kinds of interactions, if any, has the female had with the neighbor's dog she attacked? Did anyone see the events that lead up to the attack?

What prompted her to attack your terrier? How old is the terrier, and how did s/he behave toward your Pyr before the attacks began? When did the attacks begin?

When she attacked the goat and cow, had she ever been around these types of animals before? Were there any witnesses to the attacks who can describe the events leading up to them, and the attacks themselves?

Is the two-year-old male your dog? Did he attack your terrier? Again, is there anyone who can describe the events leading up to the attacks and the attacks themselves?

The trainers that you've worked with- were they experienced with correcting behavioral problems? What types of exercises did they give you? What types of techniques did they use? Did they express any strong theories about dog behavior, particularly in regards to dominance? Did they work with the terrier as well, or only the Pyr/s?

So, yes, there are a lot of questions here, and some of them may seem silly, but the answers will be very helpful in determining exactly what is going on with the dogs.

Now, with that being said, if I found myself in a similarly dangerous situation, I would talk to my vet about getting a referral to a veterinary behaviorist for all of the dogs. A veterinary behaviorist is a licensed veterinarian who goes through additional training in order to become board-certified in behavioral issues. I would imagine that appointments are expensive, and as there aren't very many VBs, you may need to be prepared to drive quite a ways for an appointment. They will likely ask you the questions I have asked, as well as many more. It might be helpful to write down everything you know now about what has already happened, and keep a journal of any future incidents.

This problem is too big to try to DIY with advice from strangers on the internet, and I'm afraid that the wrong trainer or (non-veterinary) behaviorist could make things worse.

If you choose to answer the questions on here, people may be able to give helpful opinions or advice (this is a very knowledgable group), but again, I feel that if you want to try to avoid euthanasia, professional help is absolutely necessary. There are no guarantees, but I feel that it is your best bet.

Sebastian and I send big hugs, and hope you'll keep us posted.

sheryl lunato
05-01-2014, 07:35 AM
Here is background. I was not home when Ari attacked neighbors dog.I was told she came out of nowhere and did it. It has been witnessed by me and my husband that the ngbrs have walked their dog up and down fence line. Their dog is aggressive too.we are putting up a 6 ft pfence . We have a 5 ft wide fence up &undergrnd fencing.Ari has had spats with other dogs but the minute she got out we were able to get her. She and terrier were befriends at one time up until the other go turned 4 months. As far as Horse attacking terrier i believe it was a food issue. I was there when that happened. I feed gp on back porch. They eat as they please. The woman she rehomed Ari to works w/gp rescue and my vet said she is good. The 2 others were recommended by pet smart.they had me feed Ari by hand to gain her trust again then bring her around others on short leash and muzzle. That about sums all up.

05-01-2014, 01:50 PM
Sheryl, I am in a similiar situation with my 1/2 Golden 1/2 Pyr Gabe. I know what caused his issue, he was chained for 2yrs before he was rescued, he learned dogs would attack him and he became very good at being a quiet attacker. He has killed a couple squirrels in the yard by shaking them. He's been attacked several times and we've had to save the other dog! That's with Gabe on a leash and the dog running loose.

I also had a Golden, sweetest dog ever, but the renter next door let his Pug run loose and it would come over to the fence an taunt our Goldens, well, one day she got under the gate and he got her and shook her so badly he punctured a lung and she almost died.

I have a 6ft chain link fence to keep my dogs in and others out! I think your dog has been taunted enough it is reactionary now toward anything she perceives as a threat. If you want to keep her, you have to make your yard Fort Knox. NO ONE is allowed back there with her but those she loves and trusts. It's the only way you will keep her safe and others safe.

The only other suggestion I would have is to talk to a GP rescue about turning her into them if they believe they can rehabilitate her and find her a safe/secure home.

I wish you luck!