View Full Version : Ghost and perfectdog .com

11-27-2011, 02:26 PM
so Ghost is the best behaved dog we have! He still can not 100% be trusted with the other dogs in the house. dr Speigel, the doggie psyciatrist ,gave us exercises (training ones that involved food which Ghost excelled at), and a couple management suggestions , but cautioned that Ghosts aggression towards other dogs can be managed but will never totally go away.

So my 1 1/2 year old bernewfie is a bad ass. He is always happy, and exuberant, mostly in the form of jumping and biting. He did not do well with the food motivated exercises - as soon as there is no food he does not perform training exercises. So I bought and started Perfectdog.com with him and in 1 day he was 90% better. I am going to continue it with him.

I thought maybe Ghost could benefit . I am afraid he may have other ideas. although the walking exercise went well. Lay down exercise resulted in him looking at me like "Are you on crack?". Get the biscuit out and he can lay down all day long.

So now I am asking myself if this is beneficial for Ghost. I do believe that different dogs need to be trained by different methods. Has anyone used this method with their pyr?