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Dixie Queen
12-28-2010, 02:00 PM
Hello all!

I have a pure bred great pyrenees dog. Cody. He turned 1 on November 1st. And he is neutered. http://i385.photobucket.com/albums/oo299/MichelleWhitaker/2010_0722DixieandSwimming0059.jpg I got him in early April of this year. From a person that lived on a farm.... He's generally quite timid. Doesn't like loud noises, etc. I don't have him to specifically be with the animals, more as a guard dog for all of us. I don't mind if he's in the yard or on the porch, etc. He's very good with with my 3 year old brother. He loves playing with our other dog. He chews on bones, etc. sometimes. He's not huge on playing fetch or anything. Only rarely... He's never bit anyone. He isn't very aggressive. He likes to jump on the cats, but that's about it. I can put my hand in his food bowl when he's eating, he'll let you pet him when he's chewing a bone, etc. He's not highly trained by any means. I've tried to teach him several things, but about the only one he'll do is sit... :-/ He's scared of electric fences to a certain extent. If he can figure out a way to get thru with out getting shocked he'll do it.

A little bit more info that may help... :) We live on 2.5 acres. In the country. Surrounded by corn fields (in the summer of course) on all four sides. We also have a young female golden retriever. We also have 4 goats and a calf....At first when we had Cody he stayed around either sleeping in the barn or on the porch. Then he started chasing cars...He got hit, but recovered fairly well. He stopped chasing for awhile. But has started up again. He'll hide behind trees and then jump out and basically attacks cars that go by. Loud trucks bother him the most, but he's started to chase all kinds... :(

Also he WILL not stay home. I wouldn't be to worried if he stayed off the roads. But a couple days ago I saw him laying right in the middle of the road. Usually if no cars come for awhile he'll get bored and come up to the yard. Anyway him and Sandra (the golden retriever) disappear in the corn fields for hours in the summer. They've always come back, but I'm still extremely worried about it. He'd recently started going down by the intersection and sitting there to...They go to our neighbors house sometimes. They have a black lab. He doesn't do anything with him.....Sometimes if he starts barking he'll come home. Cody also "marks" everything like all the time....

So my main questions. What should I do to get him to stay home and stop chasing cars??? What can I do to keep him occupied since I can't always be out there with him? I'm getting desperate....So any help will be greatly appreciated. :)

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12-28-2010, 05:58 PM
Is it a fenced yard? Pyrenees are known for wandering and leaving their yard unless they are fenced in.

Dixie Queen
12-29-2010, 07:03 AM
No, for awhile we had a single strand of electric fence around it. He minded that for awhile. Then figured out he could go out where the opening was for the drive way...

12-29-2010, 08:48 AM
Just about the only thing that is going to solve your problems is going to be a good fence. Preferably one 6 ft high or more. One of mine, Riley, is famous (or infamous) for his ability to scale the slick side of a 6 foot wooden privacy fence if he really feels the need to be on the other side if that gives you any indication. Which he has done more than once to chase intruders out of our neighbors back yard at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. They have a 3 year old little girl that Riley and Hank think is theirs to protect and they take something in that back yard as serious as something in their own.

Pyrs are famous for not staying home actually home to a Pyr is a fairly relevant term anyway. They are used to guarding valleys that comprised hundreds if not thousands of acres so a 2.5 acre homestead is like you being locked in a bathroom... kind of small and confining. As for the car chasing ... that is going to have to be addressed like the wandering with good fencing. Also how much walking does he get? Do you walk him on a daily basis, because dogs in general and Pyrs in particular need not only exercise, but, have a built in need to walk / patrol.

Being a 1 year old he is still very much a puppy, regardless of his size and one of your biggest challenges over the next 2 years is going to be remembering that that 100+ lb beast really is still just a puppy at heart (both mentally and physically) and will be trying new things and looking for excitement where he can find it.

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12-29-2010, 09:52 AM
At only one year, he should be receiving a lot of consistent training, especially if he is exhibiting behaviors or participating in activities that are, or potentially, dangerous. Pyrs are a bit more independent than a lot of other breeds, but that is not to say they cannot be trained...this is critically important in areas that are close to roadways, traffic, other properties, etc. Is keeping the dogs in the house or barn during the nights out of the question?

I would start with containment and either build a fence or a dog run, so that he is safe while you are training him. Also, in the summer time, and I'm sure you are well aware, dogs can quickly over heat in the corn fields (I grew up around corn fields, too).

Jim Waight
12-29-2010, 11:57 AM
Fence is good and an invisable fence is better. If you can't afford either then the next best thing is a cable with a ring and chain. That way he can still run back and forth with a dog box on one end out of the sun. My GP's don't mind the cold or snow but don't like being wet in a cold wind. With large dogs you will need two substancial places to hook the cable. The chain will be a thing you will work out with what works for your dog. He needs exercise so the run will work and when you can play with him take him off. Female dogs wonder as well. Sometimes one or the other will take a walk that may be miles and end up getting lost and not be able to get back. I have trained hundreds of dogs to do almost anything. As far as the chasing goes...get a shock collar and turn it up. When he starts to chase hit him good. One or two times and he will look the other way when he sees a car. many years ago I read a book written by the animal trainer that did the work for Disney. He wrote something interesting that might work for you. I tried it many times with attack dogs that would not return while on a full run after a decoy (person in a suit). We used parachute cord because it is very strong and so light the dog didn't know he was attached to it. When the K-9 was on a full run we recalled him. If he didn't turn to come back or at least stop the Disney trainer said to do your best to turn him inside out when he hit the end of the lead. That means when he is about 8 or 10 feet from the end of the lead you start running in the opposit direction as fast as you can and be sure to have a real good hold on that lead. Maybe you might consider using a strong man to do that. I watched a 200 pound K-9 handler get flopped right on his face because he didn't realize how strong his K-9 was. Kind of funny to see but no fun to do. The Disney trainer wrote that you can't break a dogs neck doing that. I will tell you after about 12 years of training some pretty tough K-9 dogs and using this method not one time was any animal hurt. That one Trooper did make me laugh when he took that nose dive but he landed on grass so he was all right. Once he did it right the K-9 recalled the way he was supposed to. Good Luck...

Dixie Queen
01-03-2011, 08:48 PM
Red, I know what you mean about the fence. I tried putting him in a pen make out of cattle panals lined with more wire that has very small wholes. He climbed out of that thing quicker then lightning. It was so interesting to watch him he was like standing on top teetering. :D But I haven't put him in it since. No broken legs here....

I try to walk him as often as possible. But when I do walk him its like a mile or so.

Thanks for the welcome. :)

vin63, here's what I currently do. AT night I tie him up to a chain (light weight of course. lol He was breaking all the cables. And then I let him off all day. I usually let him off when I go out to do chores. And he follows me out then makes his "rounds"....

Jim, I will definately be trying to get a shock collar. Thanks so much for your post. Its such a great help. :)

Thanks everyone for your replies! I'll keep you updated. :)

02-28-2011, 04:48 PM
I have been using treats for Shiya when we are out on our daily walk. From day one, when a car would pass, she would try to chase it. I have been working intensely with her to not chase cars and "stay over" on the side of the road when the cars pass us with a treat. I hold it up, say "stay over" while the car goes by and she is focused intently on the treat. After the car passes she gets the treat if she doesn't make an attempt to chase and stays over. It's been working rather well. So well, in fact, she was sitting on the snow bank this morning while we were out in the front yard; a car went by and she just sat there and watched, made no attempt to chase, and then looked at me expectantly after it went by for her treat. I had to laugh. She got her treat. :)