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08-11-2010, 10:37 AM
Thanks to all the suggestions in the past I've gotten here, I thought I would try a few more questions out on people if I could? As extra incentive I'm attaching some pictures of Rajah...my little guy. He is 12 weeks, 25 pounds, sweet as can be for the most part, no food aggression, loves other dogs, etc. He was fine the first night in the crate, though he had to go out to the potty three times during the night but no accidents. The next day I had him out with me in the living room immediately after he went potty outside and he went again inside twice (no warning really, he walks a little low to the ground generally so he doesn't really crouch to pee). After he went the first time inside I caught him in the act and put him outside where he finished. We waited outside for 15 minutes then we went back in and he peed again (I was sitting down and couldnít catch him mid-pee this time). Anyone have any input in how to curb this, please let me know.

The more pressing issue is the crate which is in the room next to mine...unless he is exhausted (I mean tripping over his legs exhausted) he cries and barks like crazy in the crate unless I am in the room with him...I can't leave for more than a few minutes without him working himself up to significant barking (such that once I'm back in the room he is hiccupping and panting). I can't let him bark it out as I have neighbors who would be disturbed plus Iím worried his reaction is a little extreme. Once he is fully vaccinated I know doggy day care will wear him out. In the interim, I slept on an air mattress next to his crate last night which helped significantly with the crying but would appreciate any suggestions to curb this behavior too.

He also loves to chew on his leash (I'm using a standard nylon leash and collar). I catch him right away with a "no bite" and put his upper lips gently against his teeth but I think he thinks itís a toy. Again, any suggestions (including as to leash types) would be welcomed.

In all, he is a really great puppy so far and I know he is going to be a great dog with some training. Hope you think he is a cute as I do. :)

nick's spirit
08-11-2010, 02:01 PM
Sounds like Rajah is pure puppy!! And I also think he's a cute/handsome boy.
If you can't let him "cry" it out because of disturbing the neighbors you might have to continue sleeping on an air mattress. But why can't you just bring his crate into your room for the evening? Our pups cried too, but we were lucky enough not to have to worry about disturbing anyone. However, even with the crate in our room it took our Aussie 4-5 nights before she settled down, and boy could she scream! Is this something he has just started doing since you've gotten him? He might really need to be tired out before he goes into the crate, which means you are going to be exhausted!!
Just keep up the good work on catching him & re directing him with his potty training. I swear they "get it" & then go dumb...just keep at him.
Chewing leashes might mean it's teething time & also they just don't like leashes all the time. Again, correction & patience are your friends. Maybe a savory treat for when he walks very well & stops chewing when you ask him to. (maybe the crust from an Uno's pizza?!!)

08-11-2010, 02:11 PM
Do you have anything in the crate with him? Like his favorite toy, blankie or one of your clothing items like a t-shirt. If not I would put some of that in there with him. Also from the second picture you have a closed in crate and not an open wire crate. Missy hated the closed in crate she would scream bloody murder in it because she couldn't see everything going on. I bought her the current crate which is open all over and she doesn't make a sound in it. Also have you tried feeding him in it?

As far as the potty training goes I would stay outside with Missy for at least hour to make sure she would go do her thing. Then I would bring her in after she ate or woke up from a nap we would go outside yet again and wait another hour. She got the hang of it in no time that way, when she had to go she would run to the door and stare at me.

The leash thing my jack russell does. I soak the leash in Bitter Yuck and they stopped.

08-12-2010, 06:21 AM
Nick (Uno's pizza is great isn't it...you just gave me a craving)- I'm thinking I might have to move the crate into my room. The problem is it is huge and very hard to move and break down/put together (X-Large with a divider in it for now while he is a puppy) and it does me no good to have it in there during the day or evening when he needs to be crated for naps (he cries anytime he is in it and I am not within sight). I've tried not crating him and keeping him with me but we are still working on potty training and Iím having a hard time managing both. Maybe I need two crates (one for the living room when I'm in there, one for the bedroom). On the up side, he slept all night from 10-5:30 a.m. without needing to go out once last night so I finally got some sleep.

Rajah didn't cry in the crate before I got him because he spent all day with his litter mates in a barn.

Am I crating him too much? After a little fussing, if I am within sight he goes right to sleep in there (but wakes up when I leave 90% of the time). I have the week off and my mom is going to be here with him next week but when I'm back to work I'd like to crate him during the day while I'm at work (with 2-3 dog walks by dog walkers during the day). This will only be the plan until he is fully vaccinated and can go to dog day care during the day and run around with other dogs all day.

Our schedule for now is wake up at 5:30, potty, play, eat, potty, play, crate at 8:00, sleep for 1-2 hours, and repeat. So he is up for 2.5 hours every 1-2 hours (depending on how well he is sleeping) until it is bed time.

Potty training was a hit and miss again today. He held it all night (great), went when I took him out (great), started sniffing around after play so I intercepted and we went out again with success then started to go again when we got back in the house after some mild play (caught him mid-act again thankfully so we went out again)....all this in the space of 2 hours.

Tsunibear- Thanks for the ideas as well. He has at least something that smells like me in the crate, a chew toy, soft toy, water and a bully stick in his crate whenever I crate him. He also gets fed and treats in there. My crate is open-wire (the second picture shows the crate he was brought home in for the car ride...he was too scared to do anything but sleep in it then, now he screams bloody murder in it like your Missy). Maybe I will try to wait outside a longer time with Rajah (I'm out there for 20-30 minutes when we go out).

I will also try Bitter Yuck for the leash. He is teething so I try to give him plenty of toys or a bully stick for that.

Oye, got to love puppies.

08-12-2010, 07:15 AM
I am by far no expert, but Emma was a dragger when it came to walking, she would pull so far behind it was embarrasing, so I started to take diff toys, til i found her favorite one, and for the first few weeks she would be dragging, the minute she gave me her attention, she would get to play tug for a few minutes, now, at 6 months old, she is a doll, and when we go on jogs has her full attention on me, so full that she will run into anything, literally staring at me with the tongue lolling as we jog... the potty training we had luck, she never pooped in the house from day 1, but until 5 months old still would have the odd pee, we took her out no matter what, every 20 minutes til she was 3 months, then every half hour at 4 months, everytime she peed she got a free play in the house and a party outside, and everytime she didn't pee she was back into the crate... and for crating, she got so bad with whining and digging in her crate that I had to leave the house ( whining grates on my nerves) and during the day we left her tied to her bed when I had to do dishes etc (out of her sight) and when the whining started I would toss down a can of coffee beans, which worked, after a few minutes of silence, I would go in there, give her a treat and pat her, it took her a day of that to realize that anytime she was quiet, she got rewarded... it worked the same with potty time outside, and bedtime, she looked forward to them as I made those the only treat times for the first 5 months... otherwise training rewards were pets or toys... our issue now is garbage, once a week she sneaks a box to chew on, and she only digs when you leave her behind... otherwise she is fully housetrained now and can be left loose most of the day, and is now helping me pull my 2 yr old on his bike with a sledding harness... she is wearing the same harness my 4yr old pit mix was wearing and she is only 26 weeks old... we really lucked out with her though... she got attacked by the neighbors so called Therapy dog, got bit around her neck pretty bad, but still loves dogs, and has such a quiet, sweet temperment... def is my baby !!
Oh the biggest thing for crate training for us was anytime we saw her falling asleep, in she went, it was alwaya the sleep spot !

08-12-2010, 07:28 AM
This is why I am not really a puppy person. Pups are cute, but they are SOOOO much work!! ;) I assume that due to your housing situation, you have not just let him cry himself out in the crate? You might want to try one of those pheromone things that they sell at Petsmart, a new member on here used it with good results with a pup that was found running wild. You might want to try the Rescue Remedy too.

I don't think there is a quick fix for this. You will have to keep practicing coming in and out of the room without making a fuss over him when he screams for you. If you are not already doing so, you need to completely ignore him when you return to the room where he's crated and only turn to him when he's not screaming. This may mean that one second when he stopped screaming just to take a breath in order to scream some more. It's a lot of repetition that will test your patience and endurance - hang in there!

nick's spirit
08-12-2010, 09:04 AM
you might also want to try the "frozen rag" teething trick
Stick a wet rag-piece of old towel-anything yu don't mind Rajah chewing & give it to him when it is frozen...sometimes soothes their gums while they are teething.
Jewel...I know what you mean about puppies, they are so much work. And I swore I'd never get another one until 3 years ago when we got our last Aussie, Angel (aka demon dog) she was trouble for almost a year. Now at almost 3 she is Miss Personality and best friend for Holly our Pyr.

08-12-2010, 09:21 PM
I love puppies even though they are a handful...sometimes I just want to pull my hair out with them though.

The pheromone stuff works so long as it isn't the collar version. Missy wasn't phased by that but the little plug in one worked wonderfully till my cat broke it.

08-15-2010, 03:29 PM
We foster a lot of puppies here and the "crying" gets old real quick when you have to do it over and over again about every month (Which is typically how long it takes to get them adopted). We have found that it is much easier to keep a crate in our daughters rooms (she is 12) next to her bed. They settle down pretty quick when they can see someone who is right there all the time. Then we keep another identical crate downstairs for daytime naps, trips to the store etc.