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05-11-2010, 07:51 PM
Hi everyone! I have a concern that hopefully someone can help me with. Magnum, our 5 month old Pyr really tries to "play" very rough. He is a swet dog and loves people. Anytime we meet folks on a walk or picking up my kindergartener from school, he happily greats everyone and passively accepts their pets.

However, at home he is always looking play and for him that involves chewing on any part of me he can get a hold of. He will clamp down very hard. I believe this is play for him as he doesn't growl and seems very happy. I have tried the "yelp like a dog" and ignore method. That doesn't stop him. I always give him an appropriate toy as an alternative. He goes for this for a while, but soon comes after my arm, hand or leg.

Help! Any suggestions as to how I can stop the rough play and constantly trying to chew on my arm.


05-11-2010, 10:24 PM
Rough play is pure Pyr.

That being said ... short of investing in a suit of small link chain mail armor:
The best way I have found to curb Hanks mouthing is folding his lips back over his teeth when he puts his mouth on me accompanied by a stern (firm but not loud) NO! That way when he does bite harder than he realizes ... he gets the message that it is painful without you having to inflict the pain (a definite no with a Pyr). If he persists then I walk away or even ostracize him to the secured area for 10 minutes. Think of it as a puppy time out... sends the message that it is unacceptable behavior and if he keeps it up we won't play with him. then after the time out we get the toys out and start over again.

You are correct it is play. That and the famous Pyr Paw are how they initiate play and say "I love you" and say "hey see me?"

So gently pushing him away with the stern No (repeatedly) is the first step and if he does persist try folding the lips back over the teeth. and understand it is going to be a process... probably a long one. Hank is almost 5 months old and he will still occasionally try to "take my hand" or mouth my ankle for attention.

Good luck with your pup and welcome to the board. It sounds like Hank and Magnum are close to the same age. Hank will be 5 months on the 20th of May.