View Full Version : "annoying" Pyr bark- It's for a reason!!

04-25-2010, 06:35 PM
Snowbear, now 6 mo old, is my 1st pyr. Love him to pieces!!! i gush about him constantly. have more photos of him on facebook than other people's kids.

i read about the nonstop barking on forums/books and was kinda expecting it. over the last week, our pup, who is usually Silent, started barking non-stop at night. loud. ferocious. with growling. we go outside and check things out, show him that we noticed and it's ok. still- barking barking.

saturday night- i felt bad that neighbors may be upset so i brought him inside to sleep w/ me. in the morning- our 40 lbs turkey and rooster were killed by a cayote. Snowbear was protecting them the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is just incredible!!!!! talked to neighbors and they have all seen a cayote around, trying to take out livestock. we're looking for the cayote in case it tries to fight Snowbear.

but bottom line- i LOVE the bark!!!!!!!! it's for a reason!!! i love my pyr!!!!

04-25-2010, 09:29 PM
Snowbear has his guarding instincts ready and able that is a good thing.

Funny Missy did something similar Thursday night. She sleeps inside with me but that night she was barking like crazy and slamming herself against the sliding glass window. Well she woke my boyfriend up and my shar pei. He thought she needed to go outside and guess what she found. A giant raccoon eating the koi food, the dogs chased him onto our waterfall rock and the guy was then trying to catch the koi and my shar pei was lunging at him, got the dogs inside and the raccoon jumped into the pond crawled out and ran. All of the fish were safe and alive thankfully.

Davey Benson
04-26-2010, 05:46 AM

The week after I lost my first Great Pyrenees, I also lost 5 roosters. One night they just dissapeared, not a feather remained. I'm guessing due to where I am located, cyotes come in the middle of the night, and took care of them. :mad:

The dogs serve a purpose out in the country. :p

My GP boy still does all the barking around here, sis, just watches on. I would be concerned with her if it wasn't for the fact that I have heard her bark in her sleep (and when she is displeased with something), so I know she can do it.