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pyr haven
01-26-2010, 12:24 AM
ok so my 11 mth female pyr pup has found 2 new frens. a border collie and a border collie X. both females. I mean seriously in love wit each other like no other dogs she's met or been wit. so one suggested to set up "play groups". shud i do this? my female pyr is friendly towards animals/human/children and has a sweet trusting nature, is playful. she has however, picked a fight wit my terrier X (some of u may remember) the terrierX being a very dominant female (and not so sweet nature). I am excluding my other male pyr pup 1st, as he is quite territorial. I know kitty kat wants to play wit her new frens, badly. any advice thanks!

01-26-2010, 08:35 AM
my great pyrs friends are all little dogs and at almost 5 months that's starting to be an issue only because of size, but I must say he's extremely gental. One is a french bulldog ( my boyfriends dog) and they are in love. The other is a poodle/bishon mix and is still a puppy and is a little too hyper for kujo. I mean he likes willow (the pooshon) for his bursts of energy, but kujo is a pretty calm puppy in general and prefers sleeping on my feet, which is a problem when willow continuously humps him.
Kujo comes pretty much everywhere with me including to my dads house in tampa. They have a rescued terrier X who hates kuj with a passion. Kujo can't walk in the room with out being attacked and the poor guy is so confused because he is use to playing with little dogs, maybe its just the terrier personality:/ but I've never owned one so no idea. I want kujo to meet big friends but dog parks worry me, I don't want him having a bad experience and then being scared of big dogs, should I chance it, he has all shots of course, but I'm worried about him being attacked.any suggestions would be appreciated! Should I chance it. Maybe I'm just an over protective mommy. Kieran (our other 5 month old pyr) has no friends because he is a wuss. Won't walk on a leash with out screaming, screams for hours if he's yelled at and is basically going to have a pro trainer very soon. I guess that's what we get for getting the clearance puppy (200 bucks less than the rest) out of pity lol.

01-26-2010, 08:41 AM
oh and to answer your question pyr haven, I say go for it, let her have friends! The terrier probably just rubs her the wrong way. If there are any signs of aggression pull them apart for a while, you don't want her having a bad experience that makes it hard for her to trust other dogs again. We all know pyrs are sensitive like that. Although kujo is more goofy and oblivious than most. He still tries to play with my dads terrier mix 2 seconds after being attacked:)

nick's spirit
01-26-2010, 09:15 AM
Interesting that she has chosen a border collie & a border cross. Our Pyr, Holly, loves to play exclusivly with our little Aussie. They are the best of friends. I think it must go back to the "team" work Aussies, Border Collies & Pyr's have in a working situation. Let her have some fun, it would be good for all of them to get some energy out. You will be there & know your girl, so you can help avoid any negative energy.
Have Fun!!

01-26-2010, 11:49 AM
Pyrhaven- I would make sure that the play dates took place on 'neutral' territory, perhaps places that none of the dogs have really been to.
Heyitstay- I know what you mean about smaller dogs and pyrs! Kuma has a hard time with the in law's bichon. The bichon constantly jumps on Kuma's face and when Kuma has had enough he knocks him off with a paw, the Bichon yelps and tries to run circles around him and ends up being trodden upon. They both want to play, but they're really not sure how to manage with the size difference. However, K really loves the older ladies. His favorite play dates are a 65 pound pointer mix and a huge pitbull that's around 70. I was a bit afraid when they first started playing together (when Kuma was a mere 36 pounds) but the girls both taught him manners and proper dog etiquette which is absolutely vital for socialization. On the flip side- that bichon I was talking about hasn't had any good dog to dog interaction, and as a result he pisses off a lot of the dogs he meets on walks.

01-26-2010, 04:19 PM
Make sure your dog enjoys it, as well as the other dogs. If the others are ganging up, be careful. Really watch the behavior and don't be afriad to stop the play date. Remember, dogs learn from one another and if those dogs are yappers or annoying dogs, disrepctful etc your dog may come home with those bad habbits.
I prefer doggie dates to off leash runs, but just be sure, a wagging tail is not always happy, it can also be anxiety. Your dog can take them all down if necessary, if the dog feels threatened, remember pyrs can take A LOT of abuse before they snap, but when they do, you'll never look at your dogs the same. GOod luck.

pyr haven
01-26-2010, 06:09 PM
thank u all so much for the advice! will be bringing my husband along just in case. the collies are extremely sweet and lovable, no bad habits. did tot about the neutral ground, they have all met when we were walking, and it all looks good. for off leash play dates, it can only be our property or theirs, fenced up. we are meeting up for group walks again, b4 moving on to tat play date. BUT it's very difficult to restrain kitty cos she gets so happy - her collar came off the 1st time we met. U can just imagine all the leashes get entangled, (owners taking turns doing a london bridge) and kitty's massive saliva on the collies' coats.

heyitstay, i am sorry but i do find ur posting very funny esp the screaming pup on leash, and willow trying to hump kujo. i must say there is something about terriers, most tat we met have not been particularly friendly. in fact they snarl. i think play dates is smaller and more manageable when u know the personalities of the dogs and attitude of owners. i'd be worried too just incase kujo gets a bad experience at a dog park, maybe someone here who has can answer

01-26-2010, 06:56 PM
my post wasn't meant to be funny. It was a serious concern and I was looking for a possible solution. Kieran has never been abused, and we have socialized him as much as we did with kujo. The fact is just that, if we try to walk him he lays down as shrieks like we are killing him, we for sure don't beat him and its humiliating if other people are around. They were serious concerns so sorry if you were offended. Anybody have advice?

pyr haven
01-26-2010, 07:06 PM
my post wasn't meant to be funny. It was a serious concern and I was looking for a possible solution.

i apologise heyitstay, i didnt mean to downsize ur prob,i fuly understand its a serious concern from the start. real sorry if wat i wrote has offended u. i am hardly an expert, maybe u can give more info like how old is ur pup, how have u trained the pup on leash and hopefully someone can help out

01-26-2010, 07:26 PM
sorry as well, I can get offended easily when it comes to my dogs lol. I have started a new post so its separate from the playdate section with more info. I realize that maybe you took my posting wrong and I was a little sensitive.