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01-25-2010, 01:49 PM
Kuma was outgrowing the cab of our truck and so we bought a small SUV today.
The sales guy at the dealership smirked a bit when we said we had to accommodate a large dog and invited us to bring him to test out a car.... but I told him about his muddy escapades around the yard and showed him a picture and he quickly rescinded the offer :)
Hooray for back seats that fold down!

nick's spirit
01-25-2010, 04:16 PM
so what kind of vehicle is Kuma king of??
We have a Toyota Tacoma with a canopy on the bed for the "kids", I put a bed in there & they are happy to ride around. We also have a Toyota Rav4, which we have taken the back seats totally out of, it is now a 2 passenger, 3 dog car!

01-25-2010, 04:33 PM
That's funny! :p So, what SUV will/did you end up with for Kuma?

01-25-2010, 04:34 PM
We got a Jeep liberty- I love the folding back seats, the swinging door style trunk and the moon roof. Heck- the reason why I love those features? 'Cause I figured my woolly dog would love the room, it'd be easier for him to get in and out and I'm thinking he'd like the fresh air from the roof!
It was between this and a Honda Element, but somehow this won us over. I feel like a doggy chauffeur, because he gets 2/3 of the vehicle.

01-25-2010, 04:46 PM
That's great Milu! This way when you get Kuma a friend later, they would both have room :D

Bijou's breeder told me the story about one of her dogs that was exported to Japan. A couple without children bought one of her pups, and the wife proceeded to buy a Mercedes sedan and ordered the dealership to rip out the back seat altogether to make room for the dog! :eek:

01-25-2010, 05:14 PM
Wow! I bet that was expensive! I can't believe the lengths some people will go for their dogs! I don't think I would have gotten a Mercedes if I were her- I can only imagine a pyr chewing happily at the leather or white fluff piling on that beautiful exterior.
As for getting Kuma a friend, I can only wish at this point. I've been trying to sneak the idea in- example: "Wow, Kuma really gets along with older female dogs, our second dog is going to have to be an old lady." I don't think it's working.
Btw, I love the signature picture :)

01-25-2010, 05:48 PM
... because he gets 2/3 of the vehicle.

sounds like the proportions our Pyrs get of our bed each night. :p

pyr haven
01-25-2010, 10:52 PM
we find tat for short distance, they are happy in just about anything as long as they get a ride, anywhere! even a small car. my kitty kat will lie across the floor board for 6 hrs - this is peculiar but ever since a pup she has always liked to sqeeeze into "cozy" narrow places. this is her fav position. we are now hunting for another car, a stationwagon or cross country, but am not so sure about the height clearance and floorboard width. some things we discover....
1. the less roll the better - hence cars which are heavier, wit lower centre of gravity, and maybe some will understand, better ride and handling?
2. since one pyr like to sit across the entire back seat - a deep cushion seat which slants backwards, not slippery or flat (for holding on)
3. Huge cushions against hard surfaces (like the back of the driver's seat) in sudden braking situations
4. A "human seat" (optional) - for the rear seat, an SUV allows option of folding back 2-seater, leaving the 1-seat up. both my pyrs love to position their backsides on the lap of the rather unfortunate person who sits on this 1-seater. we have surprised many unsuspecting people this way
5. Placing the pyrs to the front as much as possible ensures a more comfy ride (like the back of the bus is the most bumpy, hence motiion sickness etc)

for us, best position for long distance is still to fold back the rear seats of SUV completely. headroom, etc. just wish - is there like a bucket seat for dogs like ours? also love the idea of safety belt for them. sorry i just wrote an essay!

01-26-2010, 01:43 AM
Right now I squeeze Monty and Missy into the back seat of a Ford Mustang. I want to get a Toyota Highlander for the dogs though.

nick's spirit
01-26-2010, 08:22 AM
I'll bet Kuma loves his new "Liberty" we had one also. Our male Pyr, Nick, would just remain in the back until he was ready to get out. I found that it was a bit higher than the Rav4 for the kids to jump in & out of, but they loved it. I understand the Element came out with a dog friendly version. The only problem I have with the Element is that the rear windows do not open so that getting air ciculating through the car doesn't seem very easy. Plus they sit way down in the car, seems like the Liberty & Rav lets the dogs look out and watch the world (their domain) go past.

01-26-2010, 08:55 AM
I sold my Mercury Mariner because Queenie wasn't interested in getting into the back of it even with a ramp! Now I have taken over my husbands huge Ford truck with a super crew cab and she has gotten in and out of this truck on her own for the past week! She is loving the places I take her to for walks now. Who could have guessed she was a truck dog all along?? Had I known, I would have sold my suv sooner!

01-26-2010, 10:27 AM
Well Kate, it seems like Her Royal Highness is quite demanding when it comes to vehicles!
Nick- I do like the dog friendly version of Honda Element- a friend of ours who owns a dog walking business has it and has transformed it into a 'doggy limo'.
Does anyone else use an SUV dog barrier of any sort? With the truck, it was deep enough in the cab that Kuma could stand and rest his head on my shoulder while driving, but I think the console area of the Liberty is small enough that he'll be tempted to try to climb by me when I'm driving alone. He sure is goofy though- when we stop at Starbucks or something and Steve goes in for coffee Kuma will quickly climb into Steve's seat and sit there with a satisfied dog expression on his face. But when he sees Steve heading back towards the vehicle, he quickly trips over his feet trying to get back to his designated spot.

01-26-2010, 02:46 PM
Smart dog, Milu....knows when to switch seats! Queenie never budges from the back seat area of the truck....and I have the largest of the rear seats folded up so she is basically standing on the floor area of the back. Her head is just about even with the door window and I do keep it open all the way for her. She has not attempted to stand with her front legs on the smaller seat adjacent to her to access more window area yet though. I wonder if that is something I will have to look forward to?? She is just learning about riding in cars in general now. She would get terribly car sick prior to my concentrated efforts....now she seems perfectly content riding along and waiting for the big adventure. I think I may have created a monster here.....will keep you posted!!

01-26-2010, 03:02 PM
Kuma never stood up on those seats either to look out the window unless the car was still. I think because when we're moving any sudden brakes will knock him around, esp if he's standing so that the's less stable like that.
That's what I meant by looking very pleased with himself in the old Ford.

01-26-2010, 04:05 PM
we have a 2007 ford freestyle with the 3rd row that folds flat, but the two of them are just at home in our 96 Caprice wagon. Heck, both of them squeeze into the back seat of my 1976 Ford Torino just fine too. I think most dogs are part rat at heart and can shrink to fit just fill the space they need to occupy. ;) :) :D

I started a long time ago with Pixie and kept it up with Cheval, that in the car you get in and lie down till the trip is at a stop. Now all I need to say is "Do you know the rule?" and I (usually) get a down doggie.

pyr haven
01-26-2010, 05:46 PM
I sold my Mercury Mariner because Queenie wasn't interested in getting into the back of it even with a ramp! Now I have taken over my husbands huge Ford truck with a super crew cab and she has gotten in and out of this truck on her own for the past week! She is loving the places I take her to for walks now. Who could have guessed she was a truck dog all along?? Had I known, I would have sold my suv sooner!

ha ha kate, i am glad ur prob of getting queenie to jump in on her own is solved!

me pups are very well behaved in car rides, they just hardly move around. they are now starting to notice landmarks, and will only get up at the stops just b4 their usual destinations. also, my female pyr has jumped out of the car window b4!!!! half opened window :eek: rat! luckily we were doing less than 20km/hr and she landed on grass.

01-27-2010, 03:20 AM
Sebastian is a trucking dog, his seat of preference while on the road is the passenger seat where we have fixed up a box, the height of the seat with two pillows on it so he can stretch out a little bit. He sleeps much of the time there.

Works great until he decides to stand up, and we can't see out our mirror. Then he gets a "SIT" command and if he doesn't do it he knows he's going to have to get off the seat.

As for home....we have a Chevy Tracker.....so he takes up the whole backseat.............windows open......head out the window and he is ONE happy PYR. (While we freeze our hineys off...but hey...we're just humans).

When we park our car and he's with us (which he almost always is if it's not hot out) he just sits on the seat until we come back. He's a timid fellow.

01-27-2010, 06:52 AM
It's a good thing I bought that Jeep! I thought today I would drive to school in the truck one last time before we picked up the Liberty on Friday, but on the way there the brakes failed and I ran a red light! I'm glad I didn't get into an accident and Kuma wasn't there with me. Still a horrifying way to start out the day. I guess this means I'm not going to class today, and will be spending it outside with Kuma. :)

01-27-2010, 08:46 AM
Milu, how scary! :eek: So glad you're okay!!!! Is the truck being fixed?

Tell Kuma he's not old enough to drive yet :) Whenever we leave the dogs in the car, Bijou does the same thing, she sits on the driver's seat.

My first pyr used to love sticking her head out the sunroof. :)


01-27-2010, 12:53 PM
It was pretty terrifying, but I'm really glad that we did sign the papers to buy that car last weekend. Good timing, don't you think?
Has Bijou ever used the horn? I'm just waiting for the day when Kuma discovers it. He'll either be scared crapless and scamper to his place, or find it really fun (much like his over sized obnoxious squeeker- I curse the day the inlaws gifted it to him) and decide to abuse it.

nick's spirit
01-27-2010, 04:33 PM
Glad to hear you are all right...what a scare! Are the streets icy in your part of the country now? Is your truck a Toyota by any chance?? Just read about the recall of all the Toyota models and the decision of the company to not sell certain vehicles right now.
I do remember when Nick was a pup, bouncing in the front seats and accidently leaned on the horn...he scared himself!! And as I looked out at him, he immediatly sat down, looked around as if to say "I didn't do that!" It was hysterical!

01-27-2010, 05:28 PM
It wasn't icy here at all! But my brakes failed without warning, and even though I started slowing down perhaps a hundred yards from the red light, I couldn't stop at all. It was an old Ford Ranger, on its last breathe. Glad that jeep is paid and signed for!