View Full Version : Mi-go's aggression is getting better!

12-08-2009, 02:38 PM
Hi all! We recently relocated back to the North and purchased our first home so I've been MIA lately! We just got our internet up but besides that, the house we purchased is sorta fixer-upper so there's been all sorts of stuff to do! Anywho, now that we're mostly grounded I thought I'd check in! I'm happy to report that Mi-go's food aggression issues have gotten better. He's stopped growling entirely at the people in our house over his food bowl (me, hubby, and my 4-year old) and he's getting better with our older dogs. Some days he'll eat right next to them and everything's fine, other days he still gets a little grumbly but not nearly as aggressive as he was. And I think he's starting to figure out his place in the pack. Our boxer-pit-greyhound mix, Montague, and him had some major scrapes at first since Mi-go just didn't no when enough was enough. Monty even gave him a pretty good bite on his face a few weeks back and Mi-go continued to try to harrass him. Since moving to the new house, things have changed. Since we're in a new setting, all the dogs seem to be more accepting of Mi-go. He'll still get a growl here or there from them if he's trying to chew on them but things are much more toned down. We put up a fence at our new place and the four of them have been bonding as a pack when put outside together. There've been no futher, serious squabbles (occasionally our Peke still needs to put him in his place) and they're starting to act like a pack. Monty and him have even been caught playing together!

Mi-go started his 7-week puppy class last night too and he did really well except for the come when called part. I could dangle a steak a few feet away and call him, beg him, to come to me and he'd still just wander off wherever. He's made fast friends with a golden retriever pup and deaf Jack Russell in the group. He was very well-behaved and while I was slightly worried about him being too rough with the smaller puppies, they gave it right back to him. He kept throwing his butt into the Retriever and the Retriever would respond by pouncing happily on Mi-go's head. :) It was very cute.

I also got to witness Mi-go's protective breed coming through. While at the vet for his kennel cough shot, a older german shepard there was growling in a not-very-friendly way so Mi-go responded by barking and wagging his tail. That was until the Shepard started acting in a even more aggressive manner, so much to the point where I switched seats because I didn't want my daughter that close to a obviously disgruntled, large dog. Mi-go apparently realized that this dog wasn't entirely friendly and was acting hostile towards not only him, but me and my daughter, and he let out this very low-rumbling, deep growl. I've never heard anything like that out of him! Even with his food-aggression growls, it was more a high-pitched, annoying adolescent noise. This was pretty fierce and Mi-go looked like he meant business!

Then a similar thing happened last night while we were all in bed. Mi-go was in his crate, our other two in their crates, and our pit-boxer mix sleeps on my daughter's bed with her, and all of a sudden there was some very loud thumping noises coming from downstairs. I was a little freaked out and the other dogs all heard it too and looked up but Mi-go let out that same, low warning growl like he had with the angry shepard. I sent my husband downstairs to check and it turned out to be out to be our cat who had just figured out where the snakes were and was trying to harrass them by leaping repeatedly at the cage, but still! It was oddly reassuring to hear his reaction to a possible intruder! I imagine that growl is going to get more intimidating as he gets older!

So all's going pretty well over here! Now, if only we could get that potty training down pat!