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07-02-2009, 04:46 PM

We're looking at getting a Pyr. New to the breed. We have 100 acres and are trying to get a better sense of their roaming tendencies. Do all Pyrs roam? Given that we have some land (as opposed to a small city lot) we do not want to kennel the dog. We have an 11 year old border collie/samoyed mix that we are hoping would help to train a Pyr. Are we disillusioned to think a Pyr would stick around on 100 acres if it has some animals (ex. goats) to guard?

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07-02-2009, 06:33 PM
I don't have much experience on that much land with my great Pyr but yes all of them will roam.
Roaming is they start in one area walk it get ferther away ferther away ferther away ferther away and so on hear that some Pyr ive heard will be gone two or three days roaming. They only need to get 10 ft from you before they turn the selective hearing on lol.
Usually roam when there not working they have a job to do defentley stay with the flock ive only had my Pyr a year but before i got him he tended sheep for the previous owner. Plus i study as much as i can all the time on them.

07-03-2009, 07:15 AM
BuddyJess, 100 acres is a sizable area but I am sure a Pyr will work every inch of it if given the freedom. They tend to expand their territory as well so keep in mind what is bordering that 100 acres...neighbors? More Land? Other livestock? Pyrs with a job of guarding a flock will most likely stay with the flock but may end up trying to take over the surrounding areas as well. Perhaps keeping some identification on a collar or micro-chipping your Pyr will help if it decides to "jump ship," so to speak. I would definitely give it a job to do if it is going to have that kind of freedom because if left to their own devices, that Pyr will DIS-a-Pyr...

07-03-2009, 09:36 AM
LOL Dis a Pyr thats a good one :D but a true story

07-03-2009, 04:25 PM
Our first pyr was living on an 100 acre ranch from about 3-4 months to 10 months old. The ranch does not have kennels or fences to keep dogs confined. My friend has several other dogs, all border collies, that never leave the immediate area of the house and the barns. There are cattle and horses on the ranch. They had to give away the pyr at 10 months to us because she kept roaming out of sight and they were always looking for her.

Livestock guardian dogs are usually trained pretty early to stay with the livestock they are supposed to guard. So, one would train a LGD differently than a house pet. Even then, a lot of these LGDs, including a lot of pyrs, walk off their ranches and end up in shelters. I've heard a few stories of pyrs ending up in rescues that are found with gunshot wounds probably because they wandered onto other people's ranches.

So, it is quite a risk to allow a pyr to roam around free. They are for the most part supremely confident dogs that make decisions for themselves. If they find something interesting, they will go and investigate it. They are so large that they can easily cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Unlike labs, they are not obessessed with food so they wont' hurry back home just for dinner if there are other things to check out.

nick's spirit
07-04-2009, 02:28 PM
We are on our 3rd Pyr. With our first girl "Spirit" we taught her what her boundries were on the 120 acres that we lived on. She was also "herded" by our Aussie whenever the Aussie thought she was going too far away. Add to that Spirit's bad knees, we were lucky, she never roamed. She guarded us the Aussie & the house. Our 2nd Pyr, "Nick" was Mr. Social. Thought that Spirit would teach him to stay home & do the "guard job" when she was gone HAH!! On our 20 acres , even with showing him his boundries (we did not walk either Pyr off of the property we wanted them to stay on until they were 6 months old...pretty boring walking the same ole line) Nick was never gone for long...he was definately food motivated. We are on our 3rd Pyr, "Holly". She is so filled with anxiety that she won't leave the house, let alone roam away. The only time she has left the property was when our new Aussie & Holly went in search of a dead porcupine...don't need to go into detail on that one!
So, I guess they are all different. We have been very lucky with the roaming...however, the guarding instinct in all of them was/is very high!!

07-04-2009, 07:47 PM
Love reading about the Dis A Pyrs (cute)

We're on a 2nd Pyr. Our first, a female, Belle, was quite the wanderer/escapist.
She knew exactly how the storm door was to have that second sound of the latch latching and when it didn't................she nudged it open and off she went.

Took our sons on several chases that led them to interesting places.

As we have traveled across the country, and talked to lots of people who have had pyrs or aquainted with them, we have heard from time to time how someone had a pyr and had to get rid of it, because it go roaming and neighbors would get mad and always blame incidents (like dead chickens) on the Pyr.

We were told by a pyr owner when we had Belle that a pyr believes his/her territory is as far as they can see, and when they start roaming they can see farther, that becomes their territory. I believe this to be true.

When we are in so many different places, both Pyrs are so distinctively different than other dogs.
They love wide open spaces..............put a hill on that wide open space...and you have a Pyr almost in heaven. They can over look all they want to see, and see all that is going on. And I believe like in Sabby's case, that he feels he's the master over that. I can see it in his body language. Tail straight up, head held high, sniffing the air, looking out beyond. Add soft green grass to that and after the perimeter is observed and there is a nice chill in the air, you have one GIDDY Pyr on your hands, which becomes quite comical.

But if it's very busy and people are coming to meet him, he now will nudge them, greet them, let them pet, hug, and kiss, and then he's back 'on duty'.

So to answer your question, roaming is as far as they can see, and also when you go to catch them....they are fast without really looking like they're fast. It's not a fun chase for sure.

07-08-2009, 07:18 PM
George my Pyr will roam usually have to chase him he looks back and just moves far away enough i cant get him and wont stop untill he gets tired. I finally got tired of replacing leads hes use his weight and bust it off the house when i got that fixed he broke the cable switched to a small chain and he slipped his Collor finally just started walking him on a lead everytime he needs to go out.
Problem is he likes to do his business under pine trees and and theres none in my yard but next door is lol and What is this clean up after your dog BS who ever came up with that doesnt have a GP that is rough makes me sick everytime guess I need to meet a gal that has strong stomach and a shovel lol.

07-09-2009, 07:01 AM
Looking for advise on this one as well, we do take Axel to the dog park and he loves the freedom once he has sniffed every foot of the fence line, but we live in an ideal area for the dog to be off leash, (a ski area and we are right at what they call a mountain, very big hill). I am very worried from what I have read that he will just go and lead me a not so merry chase with perhaps a bad result. He as slipped his collar on two occasions and after a short romp has come when called. I am wondering what people may suggest in this area, we could try long retracktable and call him back and reward him for doing so, but I am worried that the feeling of freedom and the power of genetics may be more powerful than his favorite liver treats?

07-10-2009, 06:53 AM
Well he thinks its his to look after a Pyr will always walk all of the fence line. I put a new one in around my construction shop let him roam it figured he wasnt going anywhere yea came back from lunch hes laying outside the fence in front of the gate he dug a 4 ft hole under neith to get out LOL. Guess mine didnt want to be left behind when everyone went to lunch he thinks hes one of the fellas.
Should be fine at the dog park its good to let your pyr run around off leash bet you thats the reason he slipped his color Pyr hate that leash mine has torn up several of them on purpose. Or just find an area maybe a Prision yard where theres 12 foot tall concrete walls to let your pyr run around in LOL because there super smart and full of tricks especally when they are motivated to go roaming or not be suck in the house.
O and if anyone has tried child gates dont waste your time it stopped george from coming upstairs for abut 10 min hed watch me open it and then do the same thing hopefully work out for ya bud just get yourself a place to let Axel go where he cant escape so easy.

07-10-2009, 11:25 AM
We use a gate but you are right we had to tie it so he could not get it down, now we use a chair as a brace and this works ok for now but the gate is nearly done as he has chewed it and pushed it, (he hates it), after we leave he goes to sleep and has a big space so enough area to get up to other mischief and not to be worried about the rest of the house. It is funny,you read all of the stuff but it is remarkable when you actually see them deliberatly working the fence.

07-11-2009, 09:44 AM
I have been tempted on several occasions to let Queenie off leash to romp in the park when no one is around (leash only park)...but I always think of spending the rest of the day and night searching for her. I know she loves to be with me, feels loved and all that... BUT... I don't trust her instincts to check out the rest of the county we live in!! I wish we had a large secured area here for her to be loose.

07-11-2009, 09:24 PM
Your defentley right Kate :D George is great around other dogs at the park but ive noticed he only hangs out with other big dogs today he hung out with 2 Great Danes if theres not any big dogs hell go do his own thing by himself. He will offer a smaller dog protection though seen that happen a lot at the park little lap dogs will come hang out becide him.
One little miniture pincher came and got under neith George when another dog was after it.

07-11-2009, 09:26 PM
O and back to the subject were on if there was a way out of the dog park hed have his nose to the ground and explore the county no doubt. If its a gated dog park like mine is you should let your Pyr run around off leash make your girl feel better like i was saying Pyr defentley hate leashes

07-12-2009, 10:22 AM
You guys are so lucky to have a dog park close by. Here where I live there is nothing such like that.
We have a 1.5 acre yard but it is only fenced in on two sides and open to the road. When Luca was younger she would still follow me around and not run off until one day. We were playing with her frisbee and she seemed to have a lot of fun until she saw that woman jogging down the road. Man, did she take off after that woman. I was screaming my lungs out but neither the woman nor Luca attempted to stop (I guess she had some mp3 player earplugs in her ears, the woman I mean :) ). Anyway, I was running after them and yelling 'please, just stop right there or she is gonna follow you all the way home'. I guess after 1/2 a mile that woman finally realized that there's a dog after here and she stopped. Ever since that incident I didn't let Luca off the leash anymore when we are in the yard. I am too scared she might wander off and who knows when and where I will find her.

Every now and then we go to my neighbors back yard. It is fenced in on three sides and the one side without a fence is blocked by the house, so Luca cannot see the road. Since she was little we went over there and I guess that's how she is used to it. At least she don't try to run away and plus she likes playing with her Border-Collie Buster.
What's strange, inside the house she is sticking to me like glue. Where ever I go she is following me and if I just walk to the kitchen to get something what takes me less then 5 seconds. Why can't she be like that outside?


07-12-2009, 01:59 PM
Thats a funny story Lol George does the same exact thing I assume because theres nothing more to explore inside the house nothing to divide and Conquer I can loose George inside hes like a shadow.
Speaking of the Dog park i was there earlier today looked like it was just going to have a light sprinkle but ended up having a severe storm with Sheets of rain and couldnt get George under the Pavillian and when we finally got back to the truck he let that three inches of water loose in my truck lol we both got a bath when we got back to the house.
Ashame none of you live in the St louis area be cool to hang out with other Pyr owners.

07-13-2009, 08:08 AM
Queenie has been heading for the big jogging park in the mornings on our walks. She'll get down right pi**y at me if I try top turn in a different direction! After we check out the whole park area and start for home, she'll do the bouncy-bouncy-grab-at-the-leash-drop-and-roll thing like "I'm not ready to go home!!" She sure could use another big dog to romp with around here. I'm going to try and find a place she can go off-leash....

07-14-2009, 08:36 PM
Funny about the one that can hear the door latching. My male Buddy does the same thing. If I'm not paying attention I will get a phone call within an hour from somebody that found him. He usually goes through a swamp especially if he's been washed first!

07-15-2009, 06:33 AM
Axel is changing quickly at this point, offering new behaviors some related to roaming, after his evening meal he will bark to go out for the obvious reason but the last few evenings he turns right off the patio rather than going straight off the deck for his short walk to do his business. We go towards the back yard and he turns right again, he is really sniffing the ground and looking into the woods and at the neighbours house and all he wants to do is walk arround the house and make sure nothing is there, (I guess). He does not try to go in the direction of the road, so this is my assumption he can smell too many smells and wants to lay down and enjoy his fav bone and can't if he does not check out the property?

07-15-2009, 10:11 AM
John, when Queenie does the "checking out sniff" all over an area of the yard she would normally ignore, it usually means something or someone strange/different has passed on it. She did it this morning when we left for our am walk...went right to the front lawn by our plant bed and started the big sniff. She also had a nocturnal "bark-a-thon" last night....almost all night. I'm so tired from lack of sleep and having to get up every hour to see what she was on "alert" over. I never saw anything but she obviously knew something more than I did. All night with the barking!!! Well, she went right to the front this morning so something was up.....

07-15-2009, 05:11 PM
Wow im so happy Georgie Boy isnt a Howler and only barks if theres something reallly bad going down. Only time hes had gone a little lonley is when the Neighboors dog was in heat talk about a bark a thon