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07-01-2009, 09:51 AM
For the last several months we have been working with my one year-old pyr not to bark inside the house, or at least stop barking when told. For a while it seemed we were making good progress. However, in the last month, she's decided to up her efforts. She barks if I talk too loud, she barks at the TV, she barks at dogs barking outside, at people working in their yards, and at EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING WE CAN'T SEE OR HEAR!!!!!!! This is mainly in the evenings. She's not barking the big, serious bark nor has her heckles up. She usually stands in the middle of the living room and just bark. She can also do a sustained bark with a chew toy in her mouth.

Telling her to stop barking doesn't work anymore. Yelling at her to stop barking similarly gets no results. What is currently working is if I am in a different room than where she is, I call her, and give her a treat when she comes. She comes because she knows she'll get a treat and won't bark when she's coming to me. But sometimes she'll go back to barking after getting her treat.

I know pyrs are barkers, especially at night. Our first pyr didn't bark much in the house and would stop, or a least reduce volume drastically, when told. Our pyr mix did not inherit the barking gene from his pyr dad. Would love to hear from fellow pyr owners on what you have tried to deal with inside barking. Thanks!!

07-01-2009, 05:48 PM
Do you think your girl might have decided that her incessant barking is getting her good treats and attention? It appears she thinks she is being rewarded for barking by getting you to call her and give her a treat, yes? I have a nocturnal "alarm" barker....and always more during a full moon. I think she can see and hear everything at night even with the A/C on and the house closed up. She has her covered bed in the guest room that faces the front of the house and she lays there all night "keeping an eye on things". If it get's really annoying and she will not stop when asked, I will get up and close the blinds so she can't see out. She'll then give me the "yippy" annoyed bark to let me know she's not pleased but will waltz her fuzzy butt into the foyer, lay down and be quiet. She get's the message. Yelling definitely didn't get me anywhere so I had to figure out how to "shut off" the stimulus. So, what is it that might be stimulating her barking? Just a suggestion here but perhaps if you find out what is getting her going and "shut it off", so to speak, she'll settle down.

07-01-2009, 08:27 PM
Thats a tough one I agree think your Pyr is just barking to get treats real trouble is that the dog your dealing with is so sharp.
Mine will watch everything i do and start doing it. Maybe fustrated with you for not going for a walk or paying much attention?

07-02-2009, 07:54 AM
Yes, it definitely has occurred to me that she may be putting bark-n-treat together. But that's the only sure way to get her to stop. The other night I got so fed up with her barking nonstop I took her outside to see what she was barking at. We walked out the door and she continued to bark, there was no one out on the sidewalks and no noise that I can hear. She barked in the general direction of the neighbor's house across the street. Who knows what was going on inside that house!! :confused:

07-02-2009, 10:10 AM
Jewel, I would keep your eyes open in your neighbor's area and be aware of anything around there. If your girl was obviously barking in that direction , there may be something going on in a neighboring house she can hear and is disturbing her that you cannot see or hear yourself, even inside your home. Pyrs are notorious for hearing and smelling things first and foremost. She could be disturbed by whatever she may be hearing from that direction and starts barking. I would take note of the times of day she barks and the behavior she shows while she is doing it...does it happen routinely or just randomly? Perhaps it is a piece of equipment or something being used inside a neighbor's house that starts up or is running....something you can't hear but she can. Unless she is acting out for attention, it seems unusal for a Pyr to bark incessantly for no reason.

07-02-2009, 12:49 PM
Ah these neigbhors... These are college kids that are renters. We are not sure how many of them, two or three. Since they moved in, we've found beer bottles on our yard. It's not every day or every week, and is usually just one at a time. Nevertheless, it is annoying and it had never happened before and so we can't help thinking it's those kids. Seriously, who knows what they could be doing in that house that only a dog can hear? Bijou is very sensitive to loud voices. She barks at the TV if the show has people fighting or having an argument.

07-04-2009, 06:41 AM
Mine will bark at the tv make Grizzley bear sounds wimper like a little puppy always amusing LOL

07-04-2009, 01:48 PM
If those "college" renters feel threatened in any way because they are perhaps doing things that may not be legally "acceptable", Bijou might be creating a problem for them with her alert barking. Who knows what college kids today might come up with to counter-act this? Stupid them...thinking to out-smart a Pyr!! Call the cops, have them investigate your "attentive dog's consistent barking"...surprise...surprise!! Anonymously of course...what a hoot that would be!!!!

07-07-2009, 12:00 PM
We are really lucky on the barking at night at least late at night, Axel will bark in many different forms as described below, the absolute worst was the let me out of the car supersonic bark/yelp noise my ears are still ringing. When our guy barks it usually means something unless he is just joining in with our other dog who does not like our neighbour's dogs, (long story). We usually take it to mean I want to go out for obvious reasons so we take him out sometimes he goes sometimes he does not; he will do the I want bark/ yelp very insistant and simultaneously annoying when this happens for what ever reason, (we have separated the two dogs and he feels he is on the wrong side of the fence), we make sure he stops the bark before we reward, i.e. remove the gate, this involves going to him and taking the loose skin at the back of his neck and giving a quick medium shake, (one) and the command, (no noise), we wait a short period with no barking and then reward. This is the only physical intervention we regularly use and I read it on another site, offered by a Farmer who says he has bred the dogs for some time who stated not to use any other form of physical intervention with the dogs or it will cause more problems. I have had to pin him down twice during food aggression with the other dog and this worked well too. I have used the shake, (never with anger), and it works 90% of the time telling him to stop works 10% of the time and sometimes makes the problem worse. If he is just baking with the other dog then I simply talk to him and tell him there is nothing wrong or thanks for the warning.
I think your students are probably doing a number of things, some probably illegal and this may be as well depending on the time of day and the volume, that they are playing music on a very good stereo that only your, (a), dog can hear like the call whistles, in this case it may be really low but powerful base notes. In that case not sure what you do because you probably can't hear it nor would the Police. I do think part of our night sucess it that we have a bit of a noisy fan that we run at night in our room and it works like "white noise" so he can't hear critters outside, or cars. You could try leaving a talk radio show on all night to see if it helps we leave it on during the day so Axel feels less lonely while we are at work.
Good luck! John