View Full Version : Rescued Pyr needs forever home

06-13-2009, 10:13 PM
I'm a sucker for an animal in need, especially dogs. I've owned two Great Pyrenees (Max, 12 and Lacey, 7) for many years and love my gentle giants. So a few months ago when there was a stray Great Pyrenees wandering near my house (What are the odds? I seriously live in the middle of nowhere.), I had to rescue her. To make a long story short - she was terrified of people (clearly had been abused by a man) and we actually had to put sedatives in dog food to catch her.

Lily has come a long way and is very loving and affectionate. She is still a bit wary of strangers, especially men, but once we kinda introduce her, she is fine. She is perfectly housebroken (not one mistake since she's been here) and is crate trained (again, she came that way). I got her spayed, she's had all of her shots and is heartworm free. The vet thinks she is about 1 1/2 years old and, at 85 pounds or so, she is a smaller Pyr. I think she would make a good livestock guarding dog, definitely has that instinct (can't say that about my Lacey).

For a lot of complicated reasons (nothing to do with her or her behavior), I cannot keep her long term - I'm just kinda playing foster home. I would like her to find a forever home, but I can foster her for now. She gets along well with our cats and 3 other dogs.

I can easily deliver her anywhere that is a few hours from my home (anywhere along I-75 between Knoxville and Cincinnati is cool) as well as up into most of Ohio (have family in Columbus and Cleveland area). She CANNOT go to a home where she will be tied out. You either have to have a really secure fence (she is a skilled escape artist - though now she just gets out of the fence and sits in the front yard - LOL) or be willing to walk her on a leash regularly. She LOVES her daily walks with the other dogs and me.

Please contact me if you know of someone who would be interested in this wonderful dog. I registered her with a Pyr rescue group several months ago, but they are all the way over in Indiana (that's who covers KY) and have about 30 other dogs listed, so not a lot of hope there. Last I checked, they still hadn't listed her. I'm protective of her and will want to "check out" anyone interested in her - I want to make sure she will not be mistreated again. Since I've had her here for several months, I can tell you a lot about her.

Thanks a bunch! :)