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06-10-2009, 08:45 PM
so we have had panda for almost 2 weeks. shes great,shes really really calm and mostly sleeps. her appetite is still a little off but she is slowly regaining it. we do our walks everyday and life is good. however she has started chasing my cat. purcey(the cat) only comes out at night and in the early am. i had seen panda chase her last night and raised my voice to her. and then really didn't think much of it. but then this morning i noticed kitty went potty in our spare bathroom on the rug. i was pretty irritated with her. but after watching panda chase her sevearl times tonight i see why. if panda sees her in the kitchen (where we feed purcey,and kitty box is located off the kitchen) she chases her.
so my question is how do i get panda (who is at least 8 maybe older) to stop chasing my kitty?
i need ideas,suggestions??

06-11-2009, 05:59 AM
might help to put up a temporary barrier to keep the dog in a room, allowing the cat free access. Make it so the dog can see the cat come and go and when it pays attention to it, correct it lightly with a NO! , following up by getting the dogs attention onto you and away from the cat. After a few days , this may cause the dog to become less interested

06-11-2009, 07:09 AM
That is good advice, Axel and our cat have taken 5 months to become socialized to one another. Axel seemed to want to play with the cat right away and part of this was chasing while the cat wanted no part of this intruder. The cat is a dog at heart and it did not take him long to put Axel in his place to the point where the cat was chasing the dog, (I would have run too with the sound that came from the cat). The cat has his own space for litter and eating so that was never a problem. I think Axel would like to be better friends with the cat and the cat is o.k. with him but will hiss if the dog's advances are unwanted and Axel still trys to get the cat to run without much luck. I notice in the adoption area there are some pyr's recommended for homes without cats so you may want to go slow and be sure of the dogs intentions re:the citty.
thanks. John

pyr haven
12-03-2009, 10:40 PM
pls help. my cat wants nothing to do wit the pyrs. Becoz he runs, he gets chased by the pyrs. My other cats have settled down, each taking the pyrs in thier own unique way. wat can i do to prevent my cat from leaving my om? thks

12-04-2009, 07:53 AM
I know what you mean, it is hard on the cat as I think cats may be on the list of prey for dogs / wolves, the Pyrs, well mine, seems facinated with the cat and cats in general, maby they can sense the cats own independent nature and want to control it? Axel and Tiggs seem to have worked through their differences and Trggs will make a game out of the chase but is clever enough to keep large objects between the two of them, as Axel although a big boy who lumbers about most of the time has ammazed all of us with his agility even in really small spaces so the cat has made note and keeps it safe.
I have disciplined Axel if he became too persistent with his chase by taking the loose skin at the back of his neck and giving a quick medium strength shake it may take a couple of times once he is focused in but it is sucessful for us, (stopped him lunging at cars,well most of the time). On a lighter note the cat and dog make a game in the mornig, Axel came from a Farm and was on a 4:00 a.m. when he came to us and every once in a while he needs to go out around 4; on normal mornings it is just before the alarm goes off which suits me as I don't like the alarm and it is always the cat that instagates this process, the dogs sleep in our room where we have a white noise fan on really works to keep down Axel's bark response to every noise he hears as he can hear them, the cat comes in the room and begins to walk on the bed and wakes Axel up the cat then runs and jumps out of the room and then Axel beinds with a soft whoof and will escalate if necessary until I get up he walks and tehn cases the cat until I feed them so I think it is all about the cat wanting to be fed: Axel has been a bit food or object aggressive but never to the cat who eats form his dish and drinks from his dish; but I would be certain of the dogs intention as I am sure a pyr would make quick work of a cat should she or he decide to. Best of Luck! John