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06-09-2009, 09:17 AM
Hello All! I am new here. My name is Jenn. I am a SAHM to 4 children and 1 great pyr. Our Pyr is Named Marley (named before the movie came out). She seems to have severe separation anxiety. She has torn up 2 crates. Any time we leave her she starts drooling seriously and breathing super heavy. If/When she busts out of her crate she poops on the floor inthe basement which is where we keep her crates. She is super mild mannered otherwise but freaks out when left. I would really like some help in retraining her so that she can be left peacefully. Any suggestions?

06-09-2009, 11:05 AM
Hi Jenn, we have an 8 mo. old Pyr and we really worried about this as well and we did not creat our Axel partly due to the size of the create itself and so we used a baby gate and eventually chairs as a brace to confine him to a larger area of hardwood floor. At first as well we had our second dog in the same area but she really needed a break form him as his play is rough and wet, (drool); before this we has Axel in the laundry room and he was very stressed when we got home so we swithched to th eabove method and his anxiety is low unless on a rare occasion we are home late, then he can be over the top.
We puppy proof and make sure he has his big bone, (sometimes he will chew other things); we leave a talk radio on, in Canada C.B.C. is great, as the speakers have calm steady voices no matter what they are reporting on. When we get home we don't make a big fuss over him although we want to, until I have him outside. We also have a cat that has the run of that area, so that could be reassuring to him as well?
We had to go away on business for two weeks when he was 5 mo. old and thought he would have some problems, so we paid a bit extra for some person time with the staff which he enjoyed; they also play movies in this kennel for the dogs as well as music. When we got back he was o.k. but he could tell we were nervous and shyed away for a couple of seconds and that was it.
It is a hard problem, and not sure anything here will help but it works o.k. for us unless like I say if we are away longer than normal then he is overly excited when we return.
Best of luck, I am sure more knowledge will follow.

06-10-2009, 07:13 AM
Hello Jenn.

If you are not doing so already I would leave her alone for short periods of time as "practise" and gradually increase the time you are gone. This might get her to understand that you will always be coming back.
As has been recently discussed in another thread toys don't always work but it's a rare dog that will not pay attention to a big meaty bone from the grocery store or butcher shop. Are there still such things as butcher shops? :confused: Gnawing on a bone may keep her content, for a little while anyway.
And a bit more drastic measure....Have you considered getting another Pyr? A playmate may do wonders. :)